Nadech Kugimiya's "hyperactivity" is completely different in Love Charm in the Cuddle with Bow Maylada

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This is the first time Bow Maylada has worked with a famous male idol like Nadech Kugimiya, the audience has high expectations for the screen effect between the two.

The movie Love Charms in the Cuddle has now been broadcast more than half way and has become a new trend on social networks. The film stars two main actors Nadech Kugimiya and Bow Maylada.

The film revolves around the village of Nong Phak Kae Yaeng, a small village in the Isan region. Tells the story of a guy named Kiew (played by Nadech Kugimiya), whose best friend since childhood, grows up to become a life partner named Chompoo (played by Bow Maylada).

The male lead in the film Nadech Kugimiya acts as the "soul" of the film. The character Kiew has done a very good job leading the plot of the movie. Through this drama, fans of the male idol station 3 can confidently "slap his chest" about his idol when he is too good. What did Nadech Kugimiya show in Love Charms in the Cuddle?

To be able to transform into the character Kiew, Nadech Kugimiya had to learn Isan, he even taught Isan to other actors because his receptive ability was very quick. The audience will see a "hyperactive" Nadech that is much different from previous roles. Or in many scenes with Chompoo, the audience will see Kiew often doing c.razy things but still cute. When his acting was so immersed in the character, viewers commented that Nadech "acts like he's not acting", sometimes they even see Nadech's own image in the movie.

Nadech Kugimiya's hyperactivity is completely different in Love Charms in the Cuddle with Bow Maylada - Photo 1.

Maybe you don't know? Nadech Kugimiya is the composer and performer of two soundtrack songs. Because this is a humorous, funny, country music movie, there will be many happy singing and dancing segments of the actors. Yaya Urassaya's boyfriend not only does a good job of acting, but also "weights" the soundtrack. The audience has the opportunity to enjoy this guy's hidden talent.

Nadech Kugimiya is completely different in the Love Charm in the Cuddle with Bow Maylada - Photo 2

Sharing about his feverish role, Nadech Kugimiya said: "Many people say that I act like I don't act in this movie. Kiew's character is quite stubborn, adding that he's an only c.hild, so it's a bit selfish. I have to adjust the acting to be more "c.razy" towards the end of the movie, and there will be more romantic scenes towards the end, I believe the audience will like it.

In addition to humor, people also get to know more about the field of organic agriculture, including incorporating more stories about the relationships of the characters and the lifestyle of the villagers, I think it is very attractive. I really put my heart into this movie, from acting to singing, dancing, full of styles, making sure people have never seen it anywhere else."

Nadech Kugimiya is completely different in the Love Charm in the Cuddle with Bow Maylada - Photo 3.

This is the first time Bow Maylada has worked with a famous male idol like Nadech Kugimiya, the audience has high expectations for the screen effect between the two. Before that, the actress born in 1996 expressed:

About the fin on the screen, this is really hard to say, these two characters f.ight each other from beginning to end. Like I said, the audience should wait and see. Regarding the love scene, I also asked for permission first, but everyone understands that there are not many intimate scenes."

While Nadech Kugimiya is known as the main actor of CH3, Bow Maylada is an actress who debuted at CH7 and "moved" to CH3. This visual couple is making the audience "lose sleep"!

Nadech Kugimiya is completely different in the Love Charm in the Cuddle with Bow Maylada - Photo 4.

Nadech Kugimiya is completely different in the Love Charm in the Cuddle with Bow Maylada - Photo 5.

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