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Kay Tran and Hai Tu quietly came to see Son Tung M-TP perform, confirming their special relationship?

Phong Trần13:32:55 30/11/2023
The relationship between Son Tung - Hai Tu, Son Tung - ex-girlfriend, Son Tung - Kay Tran is always a h.ot topic of special interest to netizens. Because the male singer is an extremely private person and has never spoken out about any rumors about his relationships.

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Son Tung "kicked" Kay Tran after the conflict? Photo with Jay Park, the "twin brother" of the "old chicken"

Phúc Sen07:25:42 19/05/2023
Son Tung M-TP has just made a new move with a photo that caused a storm all over the internet, when standing with KPop superstar Jay Park, it is noteworthy that this is also the person that Kay Tran is involved in a noisy copy. In the past few days, the information that Son Tung...

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Why do Vietnamese artists have the most anti-fan groups in history in 2020?

team youtuber20:00:09 01/02/2021
2020 is an exciting but tumultuous year for Vietnamese showbiz. In the entertainment industry, there are more and more anti-fan groups on social networks. The anti culture has existed for a long time, but, it can be said that 2020 is the peak year that anti groups sprout up like mushrooms after the rain. From A-list stars to emerging singers...

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