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Miss Supranational Vietnam vacated the Miss Universe position, no one to follow in Dang Thanh Ngan's footsteps?

Thảo Mai17:12:32 16/03/2024
After the organizers of Miss Supranational announced the time to organize the new season, countries were trying to find a representative to compete. If the final night takes place in early July, it will be very difficult for Vietnam to select people to follow in Dang Thanh Ngan's footsteps.

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Miss Supranational: 1 strong candidate quit the exam, the Korean representative was supported, Dang Thanh Ngan subjective?

Hoàng Phúc10:00:47 23/06/2023
In just a few days, the Miss Supranational - Miss Supranational 2023 contest will officially take place in Poland. The representative of Vietnam at this year's season is runner-up Dang Thanh Ngan.

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Former Miss Intercontinental dropped the title and was crowned Miss Supranational, Dang Thanh Ngan closed the door?

Kiko11:45:49 31/05/2023
Recently, beauty fans stirred when Miss Supranational Cuba 2023 closed with the enthronement of the beautiful Monica Aguilar. It is known that the queen is a former runner-up of Miss Intercontinental and has officially given up the title. The final night of Miss Supranational...

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