Huo Kien Hoa's mother likes Lam Tam Nhu, hates Tran Kieu An, why is that?

Hà HàJul 25, 2021 at 21:35

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Hoac Kien Hoa and Lam Tam Nhu have been married for 5 years, although they are often entangled in divorce rumors, their real life is extremely happy.

However, when recalling the old story, the public always regrets the love between Huo Kien Hoa and Tran Kieu An, they feel that the actress Destiny I love you has nothing inferior to Lam Tam Nhu at all.

Huo Kien Hoa's mother likes Lam Tam Nhu, hates Tran Kieu An, why is that? - Photo 1

It is known that Huo Kien Hoa and Tran Kieu An had "fake love film" when working together in the movie Thousand Gold Lady in 2004 but because the management company prevented them, they had to break up. 10 years later, this once-famous couple was caught in rumors of a reunion after the movie project Tieu Arrogant Gypsy and received enthusiastic support from the fans. Unfortunately, their love story continued to fall apart. After that, Huo Kien Hoa married Lam Tam Nhu and Tran Kieu An dated a young man younger than Alan.

The QQ page said that Huo Kien Hoa's mother once shared the criteria for choosing a daughter-in-law in an interview, hoping that person will always be family-oriented, thus making the family always harmonious and happy. Tran Kieu An is an ambitious person with a career and she certainly won't give up her job after getting married. But Lam Tam Nhu is not like that, she is a gentle woman who can give up many things for love, even her career. Around the time of working together in Tieu Arrogant Gypsy, Huo Kien Hoa and Tran Kieu An were entangled in rumors of a reunion. According to some sources, Huo Kien Hoa's mother did not like Tran Kieu An, but liked Lam Tam Nhu more, which made the Taiwanese actor change all decisions and follow his mother's will.

Huo Kien Hoa's mother likes Lam Tam Nhu, hates Tran Kieu An, why is that? - Photo 2

The actor Nhu Y Truyen himself also shared: "Because Lam Tam Nhu is a relatively independent person, nothing will bother me. But she (Tran Kieu An) is different, she always does not. feel safe". There are many sources that believe that Tran Kieu An was born in a family without a man, since childhood she lacked the love of her father, so she always felt unsafe. When she fell in love with Huo Kien Hoa, the beauty often forced him to report his work schedule, managing Huo Kien Hoa very tightly, making the male actor suffocating and uncomfortable. Finally lead to everyone's path.

In addition, Tran Kieu An is a strong woman, quite independent, not a woman of the family, in stark contrast to Lam Tam Nhu. Ha Tu Vy is mature and knows how to give enough space and freedom to Huo Kien Hoa. The actor also admitted that his wife took good care of him. She even often cooks nutritious soup to bring to the studio for Huo Jianhua. It is Lam Tam Nhu's sincerity and enthusiasm that makes Hoac Kien Hoa consider her to be the woman of her life.

But no matter what I say, the old story is over, now Huo Kien Hoa has a happy married life with Lam Tam Nhu and her little daughter. Tran Kieu An has also escaped the shadow of past feelings and accepted a new relationship. The actress is dating a young love 9 years younger - Ngai Luan. Fans are looking forward to the day they come home together.

Huo Kien Hoa's mother likes Lam Tam Nhu, hates Tran Kieu An, why is that? - Photo 3

A few days ago, Lam Tam Nhu attracted attention when she posted 2 bright and fresh photos backstage at a working session. The actress boasted on social media that she had had a busy day at work, and revealed that everyone was wearing masks and strictly obeying the epidemic prevention regulations. At the age of 45, the aristocratic beauty of his wife Hoac Kien Hoa made a strong impression.

It was thought that this would be a post that received many compliments for her beauty in her forties, but it was unexpected that the actress would receive a lot of "brick and stone" from the fans. Many people criticized Lam Tam Nhu and Huo Kien Hoa for not being on the list of artists who donated to the terrible flood in Ha Nam (China) causing great damage to people and property.

On social networks, netizens commented: "I really don't understand, so I asked, have this sister and her husband donated?", "Ha Nam (China) flooded, has Lam Tam Nhu contributed m.oney yet?", "Stingy, too stingy", "Ignore the times?",...

Huo Kien Hoa's mother likes Lam Tam Nhu, hates Tran Kieu An, why is that? - Photo 4

However, fans have pointed out that Lam Tam Nhu is a private person who does not want to o.ff her charity work on social networks. She started sponsoring children in need through World Vision in Taiwan since 2004. Up to now, the actress has helped children from many parts of the world, including the Congo. , Zambia, Cambodia, Honduras....

Lam Tam Nhu is also known as a responsible star to society and the community. In June, Tam Nhu wrote on her personal page the months at home because of Covid-19, sometimes she was insecure when reading news about the number of infections, deaths... However, her feelings were nothing. compared to the hard work of the medical team. She called on the audience to be patient at home, find joy in music, cook and take care of their loved ones. The actor wrote: "The current situation may make you uneasy. We are all waiting for the rainbow after the rain. We will get through this difficult time, because the most beautiful sight in Taiwan is about the people. Let's sympathize, share with each other. In these unstable times, what we need to do more than keep our minds at peace."

Huo Kien Hoa's mother likes Lam Tam Nhu, hates Tran Kieu An, why is that? - Photo 5

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