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Lam Enterprise Oanh: A completely hated Chan Hoan Story, which movie flop that movie

Phượng Vũ17:20:03 04/04/2024
Lam is well known to audiences for her role as the most hated palace lady in the film "Harem of Chan Hoan Story". Because of this role, she was attacked by extreme viewers right on television.

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Dong Dai Vy: The actor loves Pham Bang Bang, the entertainment queen wants to give up his career

Phúc Sen16:49:40 11/01/2024
Dong Dai Vy is a male star who once had a love relationship with entertainment queen Pham Bang Bang. Shining bright thanks to the role of a lifetime with Trieu Vy in Mom, Tiger, Dad, Cat, leaving a strong impression.

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After 9 months of embargo, Trieu Vy cried and sadly posted "I have nothing left" when her father passed away

Yang Mi18:38:04 11/06/2022
After 9 months of "missing", all of Trieu Vy's image information seems to be mysterious information that worries many fans. But recently, the "Little Swallow" has made a new move through the social networking site. On August 26, 2021, it was suddenly reported that Trieu Vy was...

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