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The Midu wedding in Da Lat did not have many artists, leaking valuable information about the groom

Phương Thảo21:34:37 08/05/2024
Rare information about Midu's wedding in Da Lat was revealed through friends and participating artists. Mai Phuong Thuy and Quoc Truong revealed interesting things about the groom that made the audience extremely excited.

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Vietnamese stars go to Da Lat to attend Midu's wedding, Harry Lu - Quoc Truong eager

Phương Thảo15:03:33 07/05/2024
The Vietnamese stars began to carry suitcases to Da Lat to prepare for Midu's wedding ceremony with her young master husband. Quoc Truong and Harry Lu were the two most eager guests as they constantly updated their best friend's happy day mood.

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Tran Thanh sings, makes shocking comments about Diem My 9X's husband, Pham Quynh Anh and the stars cry their eyes out

Hoàng Phúc09:12:16 22/12/2023
On the evening of December 21, the wedding of Diem My 9X and businessman Vinh Nguyen took place in the city. HCM. The couple's big day had the presence of both families, relatives and close friends.

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Noo Phuoc Thinh 'hot-faced' in response to noisy addiction, accused of using banned substances, unusual actions

Trí Nhi06:20:43 22/12/2023
Male singer Noo Phuoc Thinh officially came out to respond to a series of false information about him. Accordingly, he was discovered to have unusual expressions and actions, suspected of using banned substances and being addicted.

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Mai Phuong Thuy has a new move after a long time of being suspected of giving birth to a tycoon's c.hild

Phong Trần10:42:49 11/12/2023
Once involved in rumors about having a c.hild with a rich man, Mai Phuong Thuy spoke up many times. However, the series of steel evidence is still enough to prove that the rumors are well-founded.

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Billionaire Hoang Kieu publicly matched with a famous beauty queen when Ngoc Trinh was detained, what happened to her debt?

JLO12:13:41 27/11/2023
Not long ago, the news that billionaire Hoang Kieu defaulted on his debt made many people surprised. Before that, he was one of the successful businessmen, owning a huge fortune.

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Mai Phuong Thuy's daughter has been revealed, as beautiful as the queen, is the rumor about getting married and having children true?

Quỳnh Quỳnh07:39:35 01/10/2023
People were surprised when Midu publicly took photos with her daughter Miss Mai Phuong Thuy. Worth mentioning, the g.irl has a pretty appearance, with many similarities to the queen. Currently, this topic is being discussed among netizens on forums.

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Mai Phuong Thuy caused panic when she had a health problem, the whole Miss village was anxious

Mộc Trà13:56:27 29/08/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Mai Phuong Thuy has made fans worried when talking about her own health situation. Miss Vietnam 2006 said that after more than half a year, her health has had many effects.

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How much wealth does Mai Phuong Thuy own, which is called the richest Miss Vbiz?

Snow16:03:36 10/08/2023
Miss Mai Phuong Thuy once revealed her fortune that in 2 to 3 years of rest can still live well. Because the queen affirmed, I always know how to invest so that m.oney must generate m.oney.

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3 Vietnamese queens were almost stripped of their crowns, now what: 2 consummated, 1 rare exposed

Uyển Đình19:05:44 07/08/2023
The noise of Miss Y Nhi recently made many people recall that in Vietnamese showbiz, there were 3 queens who were also criticized, demanding to take away the crown. Currently, these queens lead opposite lives.

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Mai Phuong Thuy: Hau was also asked to s.trip her of her crown, having to keep a low profile for 8 years just because of this

Nhật Hân12:42:04 05/08/2023
In Hau village, many beauties have also faced judgment from the online community when reclaiming the crown. Italy is not the first case; From her seniors, hopefully she will also be brave enough to overcome.

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Mai Phuong Thuy is worried about her "peaking" weight, netizens despite saying something unexpected

Nguyễn Kim19:31:36 26/07/2023
Recently, Mai Phuong Thuy has constantly attracted attention to her b.ody shape and weight. The image of Miss Vietnam 2006 when appearing immediately became the topic of discussion of many people.

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Mai Phuong Thuy was secretly photographed, "revealing" her waist after rumors of pregnancy

Ngọc Sa21:16:14 10/07/2023
Recently, the latest image of Miss Mai Phuong Thuy taken by the team across the street has caused the public to talk. Her waistline is also the most noticed by fans.

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HIEUTHUHAI officially publicizes her hotgirl girlfriend, and speaks sensibly, Thuy Tien runs out of opportunities

Sa11:28:12 15/06/2023
After a long time of hiding, HIEUTHHUHAI finally opened up about his love affair with his hotgirl girlfriend. The handsome male rapper showed off a sweet message to his lover on his birthday, thereby confirming that the flower has an owner.

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Mai Phuong Thuy revealed the implicit principle in the wedding, Trang Tran had to "apologise" even though she was a bride

Thanh Phúc15:14:41 28/05/2023
Miss Mai Phuong Thuy has just announced her secret right when Trang Tran's wedding took place, people were boiling with this principle of the queen, more notably, "the owner of vermicelli" Ms. "sorry". In the past few days, information about the wedding ceremony of former model...

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Mai Phuong Thuy revealed a worrying health condition at the age of 34 after responding to the secret news of having a b.aby

BìnhYên18:53:33 18/05/2023
Recently, Mai Phuong Thuy was often involved in rumors of hiding to give birth, then the queen was also more active in social networks as a reassurance to her fans. Mai Phuong Thuy often shares moody posts that make netizens worried. Before that, the beauty shared that she was...

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Thai Dung - The MC is called her husband by Mai Phuong Thuy and has a special relationship with Tran Thanh

Minh Lợi16:07:17 19/04/2023
Thai Dung is currently one of the most expensive MCs of Ha Thanh land. Not chameleon like Thanh Bach nor cheeky like Tran Thanh, he chose for himself an elegant and somewhat mature style. Called "husband" by Mai Phuong Thuy , a group of close friends love it Born in 1989, Thai...

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Minh Hang bought a shocking gift for two unborn twins, what is it that makes the sisters dizzy?

Lạc Hoa09:27:44 21/03/2023
The news that Minh Hang is pregnant with her first c.hild is receiving a lot of attention from the online community. In particular, after the female singer shared about the difficult journey of artificial insemination, many viewers expressed their admiration for her. In the...

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The police suddenly burst into the headquarters of the F88 company in Ho Chi Minh City to investigate, a cult Miss was called

Thanh Phúc16:01:15 06/03/2023
F88 was "touched" by the police, rushed in to check the office and headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, people were confused and did not know what to do, more especially when this company was once poured m.oney by Miss Mai Phuong Thuy. invest. On the morning of March 6, people in Ho...

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Mai Phuong Thuy had to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night, even though she had just gathered with the beauty group to o.ff her beauty

NeKo14:08:52 22/02/2023
On the evening of February 20, Pham Quynh Anh and Minh Hang simultaneously shared a photo of a gathering with close friends of all famous artists in the Vietnamese entertainment industry. As can be seen, familiar members of the group like Miss Mai Phuong Thuy, Hoang Thuy Linh...

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Mai Phuong and the Misses were criticized for their deviant behavior: From offensive dancing to poor behavior

Hoàng Phúc09:17:24 25/01/2023
The beauties chosen to be crowned in national beauty contests all meet very high requirements for beauty, knowledge as well as behavior in life. However, there are times when they become the focus of criticism. Before Mai Phuong's dance became the subject of controversy, many...

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Ngoc Chau stayed at the inn, came to life with a silver apartment after the coronation, but not as good as this Miss!

KENG09:16:32 25/01/2023
After the coronation, income has improved, many Miss Vietnam have remodeled their living space. Some people leave the cramped motel room to live in a new, spacious and more spacious property. Luong Thuy Linh Luong Thuy Linh is known as a young and beautiful Hau. Although she...

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Mai Phuong Thuy: Owning a 'terrible' asset from investment - business and a shocking corner

Tin08:14:52 24/01/2023
From 2015 to 2019, she rarely participated in the entertainment world, focusing only on business activities, and the huge amount of fortune the queen obtained mostly came from business activities. She herself once admitted that she is better at business than art. Sharing about...

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Thuy Tien, Ky Duyen and a series of crowned beauty queens were immediately criticized: The head was crowned, the hand received "stone bricks"

N.P11:57:48 23/01/2023
As a common practice, every time a beauty ascends to the top of a beauty contest, not only information and private life but also the beauty of the queens are immediately dissected. people, until the end of 9 people will receive bricks and stones about beauty. Apparently, the...

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