Li Yuandat: Half-Western woman "overwhelms" Huang Dung in the movie version of Hero Musk

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Li is a new star who has gained a lot of attention after acting in the movie "Ip Man 4" and most recently the movie version "Hero of Musketry", starring Xiao Chien.

Li Yanda, born in 2003, is a talented young actor with mixed Chinese-German b.lood, currently studying at the Beijing Dance Academy. In addition to acting, she is focusing on developing her modeling career and is often chosen by major magazines and brands as the face.

Li Yuandat: Half-Western woman overwhelms Huang Dung in the movie version of Hero Musk - Photo 1

Li is well known to audiences for the movie "Ip Man 4", starring with Chan Zidan. The story of the family and current career of the once-famous half-blood g.irl received the attention of a large number of fans, especially when confirmed to play a supporting female role in the movie version of "Hero of Musketry".

When he participated in "Ip Man 4", Yuyen Dat was only 16 years old and was an artist under director Wang Jiawei's agency. "Ip Man 4" is also the first feature film in which the actress has acted.

Li Yuandat: Half-Western woman overwhelms Huang Dung in the movie version of Hero Musk - Photo 2

Since the film's release in late December 2019, Li has received much praise from the audience for his natural acting and beautiful appearance. In her debut film, she played the role of Wan Ruo-nan – a Chinese schoolgirl living in the US, bullied by her friends in school and she is also the heavenly lady of the President of the Chinese General Assembly - Wanzonghua.

The pink shadow appearing next to the male lead of Zhen Zi Dan immediately attracted a lot of attention. First of all, the impressive hybrid beauty of the beauty with German-Chinese b.lood.

Li Yuandat: Half-Western woman overwhelms Huang Dung in the movie version of Hero Musk - Photo 3

In particular, to complete the role, Uyen Dat must meet martial arts skills in action scenes. Therefore, before "Ip Man 4" was filmed, the actress had been training in Tai Chi for about a month. Chan Zi Dan also praised the female star for her hard work, and the qualities of a martial artist.

Uyen Dat shared on Mtime, he learned a lot of experience after acting in an action movie for the first time. "Doing the action scene was hard. Every day I was beaten, and at night, I found my b.ody bruised here and there. I didn't think you guys were that strong," the actress said. She even had a nose bleed from the hard impact.

Li Yuandat: Half-Western woman overwhelms Huang Dung in the movie version of Hero Musk - Photo 4

Because of the hard work, and the quality of the martial family, added on the set, Uyen Dat also tried relentlessly, so he was praised by director Ye Yu Tin and the crew. She received a Best New Actress nomination at the 39th Golden Statue for this work.

In addition to his acting ability, Li also attracted a lot of attention thanks to his impressive beauty. The Li family was born in Xishuangban, an autonomous region of the Tai ethnic group in the southernmost province of Yunnan, China. Her father is a German doctor of ecology, and her mother is Chinese. However, in 2010, Uyen Dat's father passed away.

Li Yuandat: Half-Western woman overwhelms Huang Dung in the movie version of Hero Musk - Photo 5

Because since childhood, Li Yuandat has had a close life with nature, so he has wild beauty, very personality. Besides her beautiful appearance, the actress is also very good at dancing, singing and knows how to ride horses, archery is not inferior to professional athletes. Having such an idyllic life but one day she suddenly became an actress. Many people can't help but wonder what fate brought her to showbiz.

In 2011, when participating in the contest called "I Remember" of the program "Supper Girl" organized by Hunan Television, singer Wang Yijie talked about his time volunteering and getting to know the two Li sisters. Later, out of love, they adopted each other as mothers and children.

Right in the first appearance in front of the camera, Li Yuandat's beauty surprised the audience in the country of billions of people. Since then, many advertisers have come to her to offer her to model photos and videos,...

Li Yuandat: Half-Western woman overwhelms Huang Dung in the movie version of Hero Musk - Photo 6

In the same year, Li and his sister Li Lindat participated in "China Got Talent" with Michael Jackson's "Earth song" touching hearts. Also on the show, she shared that her father passed away in 2010 from a heart condition.

At the age of 15, Li joined director Wang Jiawei's company. For her role in "Ip Man 4", she received a Best New Actress nomination at the 39th Golden Statue.

Currently, the beauty surnamed Li studies at the Beijing Academy of Dance. Not only doing art, but she also inherited her father's career in nature conservation with a rainforest project in her hometown. In addition to focusing on her studies, Uyen Dat has many plans for work in the entertainment industry. In 2022, she starred in a crime drama called "The First Lady" and is expected to release in 2023.

Li Yuandat: Half-Western woman overwhelms Huang Dung in the movie version of Hero Musk - Photo 7

Not only that, recently, Li also attended the launch event of a famous Japanese cosmetic brand in Shenzhen, China. The s.exy physique, outstanding appearance of the beauty born in 2003 attracted the attention of the audience.

In mid-May, when director Xu Ke's film project "Hero of the Story: The Great Knight" revealed a new element in the cast, the public was surprised by Li Yuandat's participation.

According to Sohu, in the movie version of "Hero of Musketry", in addition to the two main characters Guo Jing (Xiao Chien) and Huang Dung (Trang Dat Fei), the actress surnamed Li will play the role of Princess Hua Shi.

Li Yuandat: Half-Western woman overwhelms Huang Dung in the movie version of Hero Musk - Photo 8

Li Yuandat: Half-Western woman overwhelms Huang Dung in the movie version of Hero Musk - Photo 9

Hoa Painting is a minor character in the project. This character has an arrogant temperament, is good at archery and has special feelings for Guo Jing, a b.oy who grew up with her.

With a half-Western beauty, Li Yuandat is considered to be somewhat superior to her elder Zhuang Dat Fei. Because the heroine is said to have a less outstanding appearance, it is difficult to compete with the beauty surnamed Li, let alone with the seniors who have incarnated Huang Dung such as Chau Xun, Zhou Nhan or Mr. My Linh in the TV version.

Li Yuandat: Half-Western woman overwhelms Huang Dung in the movie version of Hero Musk - Photo 10

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