Ly A Bang sinks into debt, sells his house to his hometown, his young wife "comes with suffering"

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Hai Ha Kim Hy, Ly A Bang's wife, has just spoken out to defend and support her husband. She confirmed that she would work with Ly A Bang to earn m.oney and shoulder a debt of tens of millions of dollars. The beauty and her husband wandered around to earn m.oney, even being in debt because of the loan guarantee for her husband.

Ly A Bang sinks into debt, sells his house to his hometown, his young wife "comes with suffering" - Photo 1

Recently, on a livestream, model Hai Ha Kim Hy said that she has liked the social networking platform for a long time and is very excited about the live broadcasting industry, so she wants to try it.

In addition, the actor said that her husband still has not paid off all the debt, her family still has a lot of debt pressure, if she livestreams herself, it can also reduce the burden on her husband. When asked why she did not return to acting, she said that the work, rest and intensity of filming would make her not have time to spend with her daughter.

Wife Ly A Bang wants everyone to give her some advice on career planning.

In the clip, the beauty affirmed that she wanted to shoulder a debt of 65.1 million USD with her husband.

Ly A Bang sinks into debt, sells his house to his hometown, his young wife "comes with suffering" - Photo 2

"As a wife, I can't leave my husband miserable, exhausted from working to support the family, atone for past mistakes with m.oney. I also need to share with him. Maybe my m.oney I don't earn much, but at least it helps to partly relieve A Bang's financial burden," the beauty shared.

Before his wife's wishes, Ly A Bang objected. He said that if his wife livestreamed sales, she would definitely encounter attacks and criticism from a part of the audience. Moreover, currently taking care of her children and family has taken a lot of her energy, so it will be difficult to start an online business. Before her husband's comment, Hai Ha Kim Hy said that with everything, it is best to face it, not avoid it, even being criticized.

On social networks, the audience discussed a lot, most of which said that Ly A Bang's disagreement was obvious, because he was the breadwinner of the family, now he lets his wife earn m.oney, his self-esteem does not. allow. However, from the perspective of Hai Ha Kim Hy, even if you have a family and children, you should not give up your career, if you can't play a movie, you can still live stream to m.ake m.oney.

Ly A Bang sinks into debt, sells his house to his hometown, his young wife "comes with suffering" - Photo 3

Ha Hai Kim Hy is 19 years younger than her husband, a former bachelor of Beijing Film Academy (China). Kim Hy won the Miss Tourism World China region and participated in a number of films such as Summer of Ho Duong, Behind the Lie...

Hai Ha Kim Hy began to appear next to Ly A Bang from the end of 2020. Despite the age gap or Ly A Bang's financial difficulties, the 9X generation beauty still chose to stick with him. In 2022, they decided to share a house and have a daughter together.

After getting married, Hai Ha Kim Hy no longer works in art, but retreats to the rear to take care of her family.

Ly A Bang sinks into debt, sells his house to his hometown, his young wife "comes with suffering" - Photo 4

Hai Ha Kim Hy was once laughed at for marrying Ly A Bang. The actor is only a few years younger than Hai Ha Kim Hy's father. When the couple went public with their relationship, many called them an "uncle-grandchild relationship".

Ly A Bang sinks into debt, sells his house to his hometown, his young wife "comes with suffering" - Photo 5

Ly A Bang sinks into debt, sells his house to his hometown, his young wife "comes with suffering" - Photo 6

However, it was Ha Hai Kim Hy's sincerity that gradually proved to the public that she really loved and respected Ly A Bang, not because of his fame or m.oney.

Last April, Chinese-language media reported that the Chaoyang District Court, Beijing (China) ordered the coercion of actor Li Yapeng and his brother Li Yawei due to late payment of a debt of more than 40 million yuan. for investors. The court asked them to quickly pay the debt, or take strong measures.

Sharing with Sina , Ly A Bang admitted to defaulting. He said that in recent years, real estate companies and tourism investment projects have suffered losses and are not profitable. Last year, Ly A Bang had to cut about 200 employees because of the difficult financial situation.

Currently, Ly A Bang has been restricted from consuming and recovering valuable assets such as houses and cars. The actor also had to ask friends to rent a house to help his wife and daughter in Beijing (China).

Many times, Ly A Bang admitted to fans the current difficult economic situation. The actor born in 1971 had to turn to making videos about rural life, livestream sales to increase image coverage and earn income.

Ly A Bang revealed, every day he livestreams sales for about 10 hours and accepts to live far away from his family, to many places to promote goods. He does many things such as product introduction, closing, inventory, reading scripts at the same time but the income is still not as expected.

A few days ago, Ly A Bang also thanked his partner for being there, encouraging and accompanying him during a difficult time. The 52-year-old actor also apologized to his young wife and daughter for not being able to bring them a comfortable and rich life.

Ly A Bang sinks into debt, sells his house to his hometown, his young wife "comes with suffering" - Photo 7

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