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Le Giang revealed wedding photos, is about to get married in the US, given a "huge size" diamond ring?

JLO17:02:33 03/04/2024
Recently, Bao Lam and Le Giang Legion have become the focus of attention. The source of the anger comes from the fact that the two with husband and wife Zhencheng and Ali Hoang Duong are on tour in the US.

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Tran Thanh lost billions of m.oney, immediately asked for help, inviting the US police to get involved?

Bảo Nam09:30:27 30/03/2024
Currently, Tran Thanh and his wife Hari Won, Le Giang, Le Duong Bao Lam and Ali Hoang Duong are on tour in the US. Taking advantage of their free time, the artists filmed many humorous clips and enthusiastically made skits to share on social networks.

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