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Lam Chan Huy was accused of being the person who caused a singer to leave forever, and once ran away because he was afraid of the police

Thanh Phúc10:12:54 30/03/2024
Social network users are extremely shocked and confused by the news that male singer Lam Chan Huy was suddenly accused by his senior Luong Gia Huy of being an ungrateful person, living an unreasonable life, and even exposing his scandalous past. The loss of a singer and musician.

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Luong Gia Huy: The male king glared at women, was a patriarch, and was once scolded by the crowd

Phúc Sen17:13:25 29/03/2024
King Luong Gia Huy is a name that is no longer strange to Vietnamese netizens, especially those who love reality TV shows. Although he has an attractive appearance, Luong Gia Huy has been criticized a lot when he was accused of being a patriarch.

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Luong Gia Huy: the "patriarchal" guy. Amazing race, crowned male king of the world

Vân Anh18:26:01 27/02/2024
Luong Gia Huy - Ha Anh's student in Perfect Gentleman once made a bad impression in the audience's eyes when participating in The Amazing Race. He was also crowned the Male Ambassador of the Universe, w.inning more than 50 countries and territories.

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Leung Gia Huy: the sexiest man in Hong Kong looks old at the age of 65

Phi Đức17:41:50 27/02/2024
Luong Gia Huy was once one of the most talented and prominent male actors in the Chinese film industry in the 80s and 90s. He acted in more than 100 films and won many prestigious domestic awards as well as creating a reputation in the country. outside.

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'King of pop music' Luong Gia Huy's mother died early, his childhood was difficult, he became independent at the age of 10

Yaya22:51:11 28/10/2023
Before becoming the King of Dance Music and going into business, Luong Gia Huy had a difficult childhood and was independent from the age of 10. When the online community heard this, everyone felt sad

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Luong Gia Huy shows off 3 good children with a beautiful wife 18 years younger, r.evealing plans to have a 4th b.aby

Ning Jing18:29:59 20/05/2023
Luong Gia Huy has just celebrated the 1st birthday of her youngest daughter, Kathy Luong Gia Linh, with the participation of the "terrible" stars who are relatives , siblings , and close friends . Also at the party, the music king also revealed his plan to have more children...

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Former love Tran Tieu Xuan - Xa Uyen was 'physically affected' by her husband and had to be bandaged all over

Thư Kỳ17:08:06 04/04/2023
The information that the actress "Stolen Beauty" Xa Uyen was physically affected by her foreign husband, causing her whole b.ody to be full of injuries, quickly received the attention of fans. Recently, a series of Hong Kong news sites have reported on the situation of Van Quy...

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Luong Gia Huy - "King of floor music": Ngoc Son accepted as pet chicken, glorious career, huge fortune

Mưa17:52:43 01/04/2023
Luong Gia Huy has always received the love of the majority of the audience during the past time. He is known as the king of floor music. Luong Gia Huy's real name is Luong Dinh Hiep, born in 1980. He is known as a young and lyrical Vietnamese singer who is known and loved by...

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Luong Gia Huy was accepted by Ngoc Son as a pet chicken, a glorious career, a fortune that surprised many people

BìnhYên17:38:18 01/04/2023
Luong Gia Huy's real name is Luong Dinh Hiep, born in 1980. He is known as a young and lyrical Vietnamese singer who is known and loved by many audiences. With such an innately diverse voice and great passion for music. Therefore, Luong Gia Huy has always received the love of...

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Ngo Diep Pham, Co Thien Lac and artist Cbiz used to eat in prison: People who ascended to the ground, who died their careers

Thuý Minh18:58:53 09/03/2022
Who said that being famous is not illegal, never had an unclean past? It is the names of male gods and actors who have made waves in the entertainment industry have also had to "eat in prison", but each person has a different fate after that. Not long ago, the fact that Ngo Dich...

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Ngo Tuyet Van: Hong Kong beauty broke a bone just because she refused to act in a h.igh s.chool m.ovie

Yang Mi17:25:33 16/01/2022
Thought that thanks to her beauty and s.exy b.ody, Ngo Tuyet Van would be famous, but that was her tragedy. Ngo Tuyet Van 1967 was born into an ordinary family in Hong Kong. As an adult, Hong Kong cinema is in its most brilliant development period. Ngo Tuyet Van, like many young...

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Posting a comedy clip showing his talent for simplicity, Luong Gia Huy was suddenly "faded" by TikTok

Thuý Minh10:54:24 10/12/2021
The clip of a comedy excerpt from Luong Gia Huy's 2018 live show "Gratitude" was suddenly removed after it was recently posted even though he did not violate the platform's standards. Recently, Luong Gia Huy suddenly encountered a "bad cry" incident when posting a clip on...

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