Lucie Nguyen held a party with Tuan Duong before "going to the bath", the guest cast did 1 stun job

Nhật HânAug 08, 2023 at 11:09

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Tuan Duong organized a pregnancy party for Lucie Nguyen before the day she died, welcoming the couple's first c.hild. But what caught the attention was the cast of guests present at the party.

Recently, Lucie Nguyen and Tuan Duong decided to hold a "baby shower" party to gather friends before the b.aby was born. "Baby Shower" is understood as a party to celebrate the birth of a pregnant mother or a party to announce the birth of a b.aby. The party is organized with the purpose of encouraging the mother's spirit before "crossing the land".

Lucie Nguyen held a party with Tuan Duong before going to the bath, the guest cast did 1 stun job - Photo 1

Specifically, on the evening of 6/8, the couple Lucie Nguyen - Tuan Duong held a small party before the upcoming birth date, with the participation of a large group of close friends who are all famous stars in the entertainment world. The Vietnamese stars participating in the cozy party of the "sister couple" include: Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Diem My 9x, Thuy Ngan, Tu Hao, Miss Phuong Khanh, Diep Lam Anh, ...

Lucie Nguyen and Tuan Duong revealed to friends important information that the family is preparing to welcome a "little princess" with the affectionate name Nami at home. The couple had sweet words for the "little angel."

Lucie Nguyen said: "Thank you for helping me believe that so far, I have chosen the right person. Thank you for helping me see Dad Yang grow and work harder. Thank you for helping two strangers suddenly become family."

Lucie Nguyen held a party with Tuan Duong before going to the bath, the guest cast did 1 stun job - Photo 2

Although pregnant in the last days of pregnancy, because of the spiritual gift for the "little angel", for more than 2 weeks, "pregnant mother" Lucie Nguyen has been extremely busy planning and preparing for this special event.

Entering the camera lens often, but from pregnant mother Lucie Nguyen to her close friends, they are all praised for their attractive physique. Especially Lucie Nguyen, she doesn't seem to have changed too much despite being in the last days of her pregnancy. The beauty retains a slim figure, an admirably fresh face.

Lucie Nguyen held a party with Tuan Duong before going to the bath, the guest cast did 1 stun job - Photo 3

Lucie Nguyen held a party with Tuan Duong before going to the bath, the guest cast did 1 stun job - Photo 4

Lucie Nguyen held a party with Tuan Duong before going to the bath, the guest cast did 1 stun job - Photo 5

During the party, "pregnant mother" Lucie Nguyen was happy to receive countless good wishes, valuable experiences and meaningful gifts from the close sisterhood for both mother and b.aby. Notably, Ye Linying had a few messages to his close brother: "First of all, thank you Tuan Yang for being by Lucie's side, a friend of all of us, and taking care of Lucie. I also want to send a word to Lucie, wishing you in the upcoming road will always be smooth, when you cross the land, you will be lucky."

When Lucie Nguyen asked: "I plan to ask you to take me to give birth", the beauty did not hesitate to agree immediately. The businesswoman also expressed her desire to adopt the soon-to-be b.aby if Lucie gave birth to the b.aby. The right zodiac sign suits her.

Lucie Nguyen held a party with Tuan Duong before going to the bath, the guest cast did 1 stun job - Photo 6

In addition to social games and tiktok swings with friends, Lucie Nguyen and Tuan Duong prepare for guests newborn b.aby shirts so that everyone can design and send wishes on them.

Lucie Nguyen held a party with Tuan Duong before going to the bath, the guest cast did 1 stun job - Photo 7

Also at the party, many people were touched when they heard Tuan Duong express their feelings, sending a message to his soon-to-be daughter: "To my daughter Nami, I thought it would take until I was 30 years old to meet you, but it was also lucky that you came earlier than planned. When Mom told me that she had a b.aby, she screamed loudly for joy. Since I arrived, it has changed my life a lot, bringing wonderful things. Thank you for keeping me motivated, seeing that I have grown a lot. I hope that when you are born, you will be healthy, happy and enjoy this life with your parents. I love you so much."

Having known each other for a long time, it was not until participating in the program "Confession of Perfect Love" that Tuan Duong - Lucie Nguyen became charmed and created a romance together. While he is a handsome h.ot b.oy who often appears in the lookbook photos of fashion brands, she owns a more "terrible" profile as a famous photographer and the owner of three fashion brands that are extremely popular with Vietnamese stars.

Lucie Nguyen - Tuan Duong often shows off sweet moments on social media. They are one of the most popular couples today on social media.

Lucie Nguyen held a party with Tuan Duong before going to the bath, the guest cast did 1 stun job - Photo 8

The sister love story 9 years older than each other continues to occupy social networks through a romantic and luxurious proposal after more than 1 year of stepping out of the dating program. The surprise and romantic party gathered a large number of close friends of the two, many Vietnamese stars also attended.

According to the owner, Tuan Duong had to "plan" meticulously, invite all of Lucie Nguyen's close friends, and at the same time ask the management company to "trick" his girlfriend that she was invited to act in the MV, so he had to wear a white dress like a beautiful bride. The h.ot b.oy prepared a space full of flowers, just like the stage when he confessed his love to a 9-year-old senior on a dating show. Tuan Yang's mind made his girlfriend extremely touched, nodded in agreement to prepare to get into the flower car.

Lucie Nguyen held a party with Tuan Duong before going to the bath, the guest cast did 1 stun job - Photo 9

Not long after, the couple surprised many by announcing their pregnancy with their first c.hild. And so far, with only about 20 days left, Lucie Nguyen and Tuan Duong will welcome their young family member.

Lucie Nguyen held a party with Tuan Duong before going to the bath, the guest cast did 1 stun job - Photo 10

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