Le Quyen flexes her beauty and shows a strange attitude when her ex-husband is dating student Ha Ho

Bút ChìMay 23, 2024 at 06:54

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After a busy time with a tight work schedule, Le Quyen has time to slow down and enjoy life from the smallest things.

Sharing about the moment reserved for herself, the female singer recently posted on her personal page: "Now I'm back from fasting, preparing the fresh fruit altar, burning fragrant incense, sitting and waiting leisurely." Bo comes home from school. It's so simple and so happy.

It is a choice and effort to preserve, not a gift. It's not easy but it's not too difficult to get, you just have to know what you really want."

Le Quyen flexes her beauty and shows a strange attitude when her ex-husband is dating student Ha Ho - Photo 1

Through the post, it can be seen that Le Quyen's current life is somewhat peaceful when she is devoted to art and has time for herself and with her loved ones.

Notably, Le Quyen posted a close-up selfie of her face without much makeup. The 8X female singer humorously asked the audience: "I'm so nervous, my skin wants to bite my hips? My eyes are squinty, my nose is squinting, my lips are full of hate."

Recently, the "tea room queen" was constantly criticized when her ex-husband, businessman Duc Huy, appeared intimately next to Phi Phuong Anh - Ho Ngoc Ha's former student. Specifically, at an event taking place on May 18, the two were seen sitting next to each other, attentively watching the performances. It is known that the two have a 22 year age difference. On social networks, tycoon Duc Huy also follows Phi Phuong Anh and often likes her posts.

Le Quyen flexes her beauty and shows a strange attitude when her ex-husband is dating student Ha Ho - Photo 2

Before the divorce, Duc Huy and Le Quyen had a relationship for nearly 12 years. Duc Huy met Le Quyen when he participated in Singer's Day in 2008. He is the owner of Khong Ten tea room (HCMC), nephew of musician Le Quang. And Le Quyen is a singer working in Hanoi.

Since then, they often appear together and work together. In 2010, the two publicly announced their relationship and announced their marriage. At that time, Le Quyen was 5 months pregnant.

Le Quyen flexes her beauty and shows a strange attitude when her ex-husband is dating student Ha Ho - Photo 3

Duc Huy often accompanies Le Quyen in all entertainment events. For many years, he has supported, worked as a manager, and a producer to help singers achieve certain results in their singing career.

In early 2019, the "The Dream Comes True" singer and her husband were caught up in rumors of "going their separate ways" when she said they had many disagreements about her husband and could not find common ground for a long time. "At first, I thought we would go everywhere in pairs to minimize the risks we encountered. However, because we were stuck together all day, both personal and work, I felt like I had no time for myself. Suddenly I want to change, I want the freedom to do what I like. But that makes my husband uncomfortable."

Le Quyen flexes her beauty and shows a strange attitude when her ex-husband is dating student Ha Ho - Photo 4

In October 2020, Le Quyen and businessman Duc Huy divorced. Three months later, Le Quyen publicly fell in love with Lam Bao Chau. The female singer's love affair with a 12-year age gap received many mixed opinions from the audience. The couple currently lives together in a 600m2 villa in Ho Chi Minh City, built by Le Quyen in early 2021.

Since going public, Le Quyen and Lam Bao Chau have freely shown their affection in public. The female singer is often escorted by her boyfriend to events and tours. The two accompany each other in both work and life.

Le Quyen flexes her beauty and shows a strange attitude when her ex-husband is dating student Ha Ho - Photo 5

In Le Quyen's eyes, Lam Bao Chau is a man of few words, only silently doing the best for his girlfriend. She confided that the other person suffered because they were not recognized for their true value. According to Le Quyen, her image is increasingly beautiful and neat thanks to her boyfriend's strictness and meticulousness. Over the years, her "other half" has always silently supported and cared for her every little bit, from her frame to each outfit.

The female singer once confided to her young love: "Thank you for always holding my hand through difficulties and nurturing happiness, always being patient and forgiving even though you suffer a lot because many of your good things are not is always judged correctly.

Le Quyen flexes her beauty and shows a strange attitude when her ex-husband is dating student Ha Ho - Photo 6

Before being rumored to be dating Phi Phuong Anh, ex-husband Le Quyen was also rumored to be dating a series of beauties. At the end of 2020, businessman Duc Huy was rumored to be dating beauty Cam Dan, 27 years younger than him. He was caught taking Cam Dan to Hai Phong to attend a close friend's wedding.

At the end of October 2021, Duc Huy was rumored to be dating Miss Mai Phuong again. The rumor originated from the businessman posting a photo of Mai Phuong coming to his house to teach b.aby Bo. Duc Huy quickly deleted this image from his personal page, but the audience continuously speculated about the two's relationship.

At that time, he happened to be looking for a tutor with English skills to tutor his son. He proposed to Mai Phuong and she agreed. Mai Phuong said that the two are simply a working relationship, not a love affair as rumored. Duc Huy then apologized to Mai Phuong for posting the photo of her and his students online, unintentionally causing unnecessary misunderstandings. "I hope you continue to teach Bo. Real gold is not afraid of fire!", he reminded the beauty.

Le Quyen flexes her beauty and shows a strange attitude when her ex-husband is dating student Ha Ho - Photo 7

At the end of 2021, Duc Huy continued to be rumored to be dating actress Khanh My. The businessman was spotted with the beauty getting down from the Bentley supercar. The two talked intimately. However, Khanh My denied having feelings for her ex-husband Le Quyen.

Le Quyen flexes her beauty and shows a strange attitude when her ex-husband is dating student Ha Ho - Photo 8

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