Lam Phung Kieu - Thanh Long's wife: 17 years of patience because her husband cheated on her and the incident from her unruly son

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So beautiful and talented, the actress still accepted to leave showbiz at the peak of her career, hiding the ring as a mysterious woman behind Jackie Chan for many years.

Speaking of Lam Phung Kieu, surely many people will immediately think of "the doomed wife of Jackie Chan", "the mother of bad b.oy Phong To Danh". However, few people know that Lam Phung Kieu used to be one of the most popular beauties in Hong Kong in the 70s.

From the dancer who was derided by people to the cult "image queen", on par with Lam Thanh Ha

Lam Phung Kieu was born in 1953, grew up in a poor family with many children in Taiwan. From a young age, she had to work hard to take care of her younger siblings. Because of difficult family circumstances, Lam Phung Kieu had to drop out of school before graduating from secondary school, becoming a dancer at the age of 12. In an era when society still had many prejudices, she had to endure a lot of derision and derision because of this work that was considered "indecent".

At the age of 18, thanks to her beautiful beauty, Lam Phung Kieu had the opportunity to step into showbiz and participate in the movie "Trieu Chau Na Han". With beautiful beauty, causing sympathy, Lam Phung Kieu became the "dream lover" of countless men at that time. It is also thanks to that beautiful beauty that Lam Phung Kieu caught the eye of female artist Quynh Dao.

Lam Phung Kieu - Thanh Long's wife: 17 years of patience because her husband cheated on her and the incident from her unruly son - Photo 1

Lam Phung Kieu is so famous that she is ranked on par with famous stars such as Lam Thanh Ha, Tan Han, and Tan Tuong Lam, given the title "Second Tan Nhi Lam" by netizens (2 Tan, 2 Lam) and 4 This person often appears in the hit films of female artist Quynh Dao.

Although not trained in a methodical way, with her hard work, she has achieved remarkable achievements. According to statistics, Lam Phung Kieu has completed 13 movies within 1 year while still ensuring the quality of movies.

In 1979, Lam Phung Kieu won the "Image of the Golden Horse" with the film "Tieu Thanh An Ancient Story", in the same year, she won the "Best Actress" a.ward for the movie "A Boat in the Middle of the Ocean". Immensity". When she was at the peak of her career, this beauty even surpassed Lam Thanh Ha and was voted "the most favorite female star". There was even a "big man" who asked 8 police cars to escort Lam Phung Kieu to invite this beauty to drink tea with him at the hotel.

An unjust love affair with Jackie Chan, a sketchy wedding held before the birth of a c.hild and the wedding ring did not fit

In 1981, Lam Phung Kieu met Jackie Chan at a party of famous star Qin Tuong Lam. The kung fu superstar was moved by this beautiful, gentle g.irl and pursued enthusiastically. Before long, they quickly became a couple. Despite everyone's reminders that no woman can stay with Jackie Chan for long, Lam Phung Kieu still decides to live with the actor.

Lam Phung Kieu - Thanh Long's wife: 17 years of patience because her husband cheated on her and the incident from her unruly son - Photo 2

While dating Lam Phung Kieu, Jackie Chan still has feelings for Dang Le Quan, both loving her innocence and mischievousness and being somewhat self-deprecating in front of the famous Diva. As for Lam Phung Kieu, he is always tolerant, gentle, by the actor's side when he needs it, even being respected by Jackie Chan's brothers and called "sister-in-law".

In 1981, rumors of love between Jackie Chan and Lam Phung Kieu spread all over the newspapers, but they did not receive blessings from the public. Lam Phung Kieu's fans feel that Jackie Chan is a brute, not worthy of their "Goddess". Jackie Chan's fans reacted even more strongly, not accepting that he had a girlfriend, whoever it was. Even a 15-year-old Japanese fangirl committed s.uicide to express her displeasure.

This caused Thanh Long to step back. However, at this time, Lam Phung Kieu is pregnant again. Bewildered for a long time, the actor decided to keep this b.aby. The beauty surnamed Lam obediently obeyed the decision of her lover: "If you say that you want to keep this b.aby, no matter what, I will give birth to a child".

Because of this, right at the peak of his career, Lam Phung Kieu decided to leave showbiz, go to America to live and prepare to give birth secretly.

Because of hiding from the media, Jackie Chan arranged for his agent to bring Lam Phung Kieu to the US. While Lam Phung Kieu was pregnant, the actor never visited his lover once. It was not until she was about to give birth that Jackie Chan went to the US to visit the runner-up. When Lam Phung Kieu asked: "How should the father of the b.aby write?", Jackie Chan said: "Written is Tran Cang Sinh" (Jackie Chan's real name). Until now, the superstar Cbiz has given his lover an official title.

It was also close to the date of birth that Jackie Chan flew to the US to register for marriage with Lam Phung Kieu. The couple's wedding was organized in a very sketchy and hasty way. Jackie Chan only invited a priest from a nearby church to the cafeteria on the top floor of the hospital to witness the important moment of his life. Even at the crucial moment, the actor remembered that he forgot to prepare the ring. He had to remove the ring from his hand and put it on his lover. Because the ring was so big, she could only wear it on her thumb.

Lam Phung Kieu - Thanh Long's wife: 17 years of patience because her husband cheated on her and the incident from her unruly son - Photo 3

The most important day of a g.irl's life goes by in a hurry, but Lam Phung Kieu does not care. The next day, she gave birth to Jackie Chan's first son, Ancestral Name Room. Since then, she has been wholeheartedly in the distant United States, taking care of her children, waiting for her husband.

Suspicious by Jackie Chan, 17 years of precaution and great s.hock when being "cuckold"

Lam Phung Kieu always tries to become a good wife and gentle mother. However, Jackie Chan is always busy with work, even though they are married, they still live separately for 18 years. Even Jackie Chan did not care and refused to visit his son. Once, Jackie Chan quarreled with Lam Phung Kieu, the actor even angrily threw his c.hild on the sofa, at that time, Phong To Danh (Jackie Chan's son) had just learned to walk.

It seems that Jackie Chan did not consider his wife and children as family members, did not acknowledge her identity, and even before becoming an adult, the Ancestral Name Room was not allowed to publicize that he was the son of Jackie Chan. Knowing that her husband did not love her, Lam Phung Kieu silently held back.

Jackie Chan always thinks that Lam Phung Kieu is with her because of m.oney, suspects that she intentionally got pregnant to tie her up, afraid that one day she will divorce and ask for a division of property. Every month, he only gives Lam Phung Kieu 1 amount of living m.oney, even wants to move his property to Switzerland so that if something unexpected happens, Lam Phung Kieu won't get a penny.

Although married, Jackie Chan is still involved in numerous emotional scandals. Although friends repeatedly hinted, Lam Phung Kieu still believes in her husband. Who would have thought, in 1999, a scandal broke out between Jackie Chan and Ngo Ỷ Loi. Ngo Ỷ Loi admits that Ngo Trac Lam is the biological c.hild of Jackie Chan. This caused the actor to be fiercely criticized by the public as a traitor, an adulterer, having an illegitimate c.hild but refused to admit it.

Lam Phung Kieu - Thanh Long's wife: 17 years of patience because her husband cheated on her and the incident from her unruly son - Photo 4

It is worth mentioning that although he feels sorry for Lam Phung Kieu and does not know how to explain and compensate his wife, Jackie Chan is relieved because he can finally get a divorce.

When calling Lam Phung Kieu, Jackie Chan thought that he would be severely blamed, but who knew that the actress did not mention the divorce, but only gently advised: "You don't need to explain, don't hurt yourself. Don't let other people influence us. Anytime, as long as you need me, need your son to stand up, your mother and daughter can immediately come out. I know you are very upset right now. You don't need to worry about me, I'm fine, you can just do your own thing first."

These words of Lam Phung Kieu made Jackie Chan extremely emotional: "She said half of it, my tears fell. I didn't say anything, hung up the phone. I felt like there was a Thanh. The second dragon stood in front of me, saying to myself: "You are such a bad person. After so many years, I've been wary of her, but she's so sincere for you."

Happiness comes late in the late afternoon and unexpected events from a rebellious son

After the "falling child" scandal, Jackie Chan really opened up to Lam Phung Kieu, felt guilty for doubting his wife for so many years, and corrected his will, bringing all his assets to the name of Lam Phung Kieu. of the actress. The kung fu superstar's romance rumors are also a lot less than they used to be. After years of patiently enduring, happiness finally came to Lam Phung Kieu.

Lam Phung Kieu - Thanh Long's wife: 17 years of patience because her husband cheated on her and the incident from her unruly son - Photo 5

At this time, a new event came to Lam Phung Kieu's small family. In 2014, her son was arrested for drug use. Talking about the reason why the Ancestral Hall went astray, netizens said that it was due to Lam Phung Kieu's excessive pampering and Jackie Chan's irresponsibility. From one of Cbiz's brightest actors, the Honor Room ruined its own future. After being released from prison, the To Danh Chamber announced that it would "reform the norm" and work hard as a director. Although it is late, it seems that until now, Lam Phung Kieu has been able to rest assured with her rebellious son.

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