Lai Thanh Huong "can't eat for foul", post a denunciation of The New Mentor model because of early elimination?

Nhật HânSep 12, 2023 at 14:48

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Model Lai Thanh Huong made a controversial move when she bluntly criticized the contestants at The New Mentor. Previously, the long-legged appeared briefly because he was "let go" in the first elimination round.

Recently, on her personal page, Lai Thanh Huong attracted attention when posting a comment article about models participating in The New Mentor - Almighty Model 2023.

Lai Thanh Huong cant eat for foul, post a denunciation of The New Mentor model because of early elimination? - Photo 1

Specifically, Lai Thanh Huong shared: "Watching the episodes of The New Mentor, I regret that I was eliminated and did not have the opportunity to roll with the concepts of the show. Indeed, the investment program is terrible. But REGRET - REGRET - REGRET (what is important I capitalize 3 times) when the people who receive the slot to retake the exam are too bored! Experience with no qualifications, photography should not be soulful and not finished. So the kind of people like Lai Thanh Huong, Ngoc Anh Nana and Trinh Thu Huong to choose those slots... cease! It's kind of kind!"

Lai Thanh Huong cant eat for foul, post a denunciation of The New Mentor model because of early elimination? - Photo 2

Lai Thanh Huong's post quickly received mixed comments from the online community. Some commented that Lai Thanh Huong was a bit "arrogant" about his own abilities and quite harsh when commenting on his colleagues. Some people think that Lai Thanh Huong is quite correct when faces like Trang De, Cao Ngan, We Huyen Thanh ... Although entering deeply, it did not leave an impression.

Lai Thanh Huong cant eat for foul, post a denunciation of The New Mentor model because of early elimination? - Photo 3

Lai Thanh Huong's above sharing was further ironized by the online community when earlier, in an interview with the media, the model said: "I take the exam to get experience, relationships and teach my students. That was my investment when I wanted to open a modeling training center. I can confidently say that everything today, I do with my energy and effort.

The Vietnamese Supermodel Contest won the Supermodel Style A.ward. Elite Model Look won the best catwalk contestant. I aim for those prizes and know myself, I know the people.

I'm under no illusions with the high league. I am aware that I am not tall, not beautiful, have no people behind me, do not have a strong team to support me, I have to aim for a prize that is just right for me to win it."

Lai Thanh Huong cant eat for foul, post a denunciation of The New Mentor model because of early elimination? - Photo 4

Appearing in The New Mentor episode 1, model Lai Thanh Huong surprised when her round, chubby physique was far from Vietnam's Next Top Model. The beauty also confessed to experiencing many events, weighing up to 72 kg due to depression, leg injuries.

"I suddenly gained 10 kilograms in a month. After gaining weight, I was stressed again, so it was even harder to get in shape, even more. The moment of highest weight is 72 kg. Working in a job that requires a lot of appearance, so when I gained weight, my life was severely affected. I dare not take the show anymore. Both health and spirit were terribly damaged," Lai Thanh Huong recounted the difficult time.

Lai Thanh Huong cant eat for foul, post a denunciation of The New Mentor model because of early elimination? - Photo 5

Although conscious of weight control, physical and mental health at that time made the process of regaining the physique of Hai Phong people not easy.

"Age and depression make it a lot harder to lose weight. When I was younger, I could fast for 2-3 days and exercise gently to lose weight but now, things are not easy. My leg had torn the knee cartilage and ruptured part of the ligaments, and when the weight increased suddenly, the greater the pressure on my leg, the more it hurt. At that time, every time I looked at myself in the mirror both fat, painful, and hurt from the inside, my depression worsened, gradually turning from depression with self-control to loss of self-control. At that time, I myself was in a very dangerous position."

The 9X model now strives to lose weight to improve her health and confidence. Her b.ody accumulated a lot of water due to the side effects of the drug, so she c.ut o.ff 80-100% of spices, sweet sugar, grease in food, giving preference to boiled and steamed foods. Because the leg surgery has not fully recovered, this time Lai Thanh Huong also did not train heavily, limiting most exercises that directly affect the knee.

Lai Thanh Huong cant eat for foul, post a denunciation of The New Mentor model because of early elimination? - Photo 6

"Most importantly, I'm still trying to heal my mind, overcome my depression. Because I understand that stress, and depression, it is very difficult to lose weight. Only when the spirit is healthy and comfortable, everything can be better," said Lai Thanh Huong.

Lai Thanh Huong was born in 1992 in Hai Phong. She competed in Vietnam's Next Top Model 2017 All Stars version and reached the top 8 overall. In addition to modeling, she also works as a catwalk director and DJ.

Lai Thanh Huong cant eat for foul, post a denunciation of The New Mentor model because of early elimination? - Photo 7

The female model is currently a catwalk director and participates in teaching and training generations of junior models. She opened a modeling training center in 2018, for several years now limited to acting to focus on teaching, working as a catwalk director for many shows, beauty contests, fashion events. Lai Qingxiang once made noise when wearing a bathing suit on a flight to pick up U23 players from Changzhou - China in early 2018.

Lai Thanh Huong cant eat for foul, post a denunciation of The New Mentor model because of early elimination? - Photo 8

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