Kim so Hyun "storms" Baeksang 2024, with just one expression is enough to cause fever

Phương ThảoMay 09, 2024 at 11:39

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Kim so Hyun's outburst at Baeksang 2024 once again confirmed his charisma and popularity in the Korean entertainment industry. With just a single expression, Kim so Hyun can also become a h.ot topic at Baeksang this year.

Kim so Hyun storms Baeksang 2024, with just one expression is enough to cause fever - Photo 1

Kim so Hyun is one of the brightest focal points at the 2024 Baeksang Arts Awards. Appearing with an elegant tuxedo, emphasizing his standard physique, the actor made fans "collapse" by his handsome appearance. Not only that, but he also took home the "Most Popular Actor" a.ward voted by the audience.

Kim so Hyun storms Baeksang 2024, with just one expression is enough to cause fever - Photo 2

Besides the top-notch visuals, Kim so Hyun also scores points for his funny, adorable moments. When asked by the MC to make cute expressions, he recreated the drunken crying scene in " Queen Of Tears" in a "salty" style, making the whole set laugh. The wry expression when clapping for Kim Ji Won or the act of cleaning up garbage at the seat before leaving also contributes to Kim so Hyun's "clown" image Baeksang 2024. In particular, the hottest name this season must be mentioned Kim so Hyun even though he lost the Emperor trophy.

Specifically, the moment Kim so Hyun "disappeared" for a few minutes from going to the bathroom, when he returned, was immediately "caught red-handed" by the MC and asked to reenact the adorable crying scene in Queen of Tears was one of the hottest topics at last night's a.ward ceremony.

Who expected that even after the a.ward ceremony was over, Kim so Hyun continued to become a h.ot topic because of a 3-second action backstage. The moment the Queen of Tears male lead breathed a sigh of relief, his hand on his forehead, seemingly wiping away sweat made viewers unable to help laughing. Many people believe that Kim so Hyun breathed a sigh of relief after nearly 3 hours, the Baeksang organizers were so "sticky" that they lost all confidence. Previously, during the a.ward ceremony, because he is the hottest actor right now, he can at any time be "scrutinized" by the camera and capture interesting expressions.

Kim so Hyun storms Baeksang 2024, with just one expression is enough to cause fever - Photo 3

In addition to the funny moments, Kim so Hyun also received many compliments for his gentlemanly act. He happily congratulated his colleagues when they were awarded, watched the performances intently and even cleaned up the trash in his seat before leaving.

Kim so Hyun storms Baeksang 2024, with just one expression is enough to cause fever - Photo 4

Kim so Hyun's impression not only stopped at the audience but also attracted famous TV producer Na Young Seok (Na PD). During the livestream after the Baeksang Awards, Na PD complimented Kim so Hyun's handsome and youthful appearance and expressed her desire to invite him to her variety show, "He is extremely handsome and young, kind and playful. That makes him very approachable. The way he behaved was also fantastic. I even wanted to invite him to my variety show. But since it was my first meeting, I couldn't speak."

Kim so Hyun storms Baeksang 2024, with just one expression is enough to cause fever - Photo 5

Kim so Hyun, born in 1988, is Korea's most popular actor. He became famous throughout Asia after the success of the Queen of Tears project. The film was released last March and quickly went viral. The film currently holds the number one position in tvN's (Korea) highest-viewed movie ranking.

According to Rankie Pie's statistics, from the moment the Queen of Tears aired until the end, Kim so Hyun was always in the top of the most searched and influential characters on Korean social media. He is continuously recognized for his talent and success, having been on Forbes Korea's list of the 40 most powerful celebrities in Korea for 3 consecutive years.

Kim so Hyun storms Baeksang 2024, with just one expression is enough to cause fever - Photo 6

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