'Kuong Tu Nha' Du Tu Minh had a stroke at the age of 77

Yang MiMar 11, 2022 at 20:01

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The news that veteran actor Du Tu Minh suffered a stroke made many viewers and juniors worried about his health.

Du Tu Minh is a veteran Hong Kong actor who is familiar with the small screen audience. He has participated in hundreds of classic films of Cang Thom, with many famous films such as Dat Ky Tru Vuong, Time Machine, Loc Dinh Ky ,... Two of his most prominent roles are: Khuong Tu Nha in Dat Ky Tru Vuong and Trau Dien in Time Machine.

Recently, Hong Kong media reported that veteran actor Du Tu Minh unfortunately suffered a stroke and had to be hospitalized urgently. Currently, the veteran actor is hemiplegic, but fortunately the actor has been discharged from the hospital and is recovering at home.

'Kuong Tu Nha' Du Tu Minh had a stroke at the age of 77 - Photo 1

Before the news that rice actor Du Tu Minh had a stroke, the Hong Kong media contacted his family, Du Tu Minh's son revealed in January that his father, Du Tu Minh, suddenly suffered a stroke. falls at home, and then becomes less active. Not long after that, the family took Du Tu Minh to the hospital and was diagnosed by the doctor as having an ischemic stroke.

However, that period was affected by a number of force majeure reasons, the family could not visit the hospital, after the veteran actor Du Tu Minh was hospitalized for 10 days, his son asked to take his father. home for convenient care and with the doctor's consent.

When he was just discharged from the hospital, Yu Ziming's physical condition was not very good, he had to use a wheelchair to get in and out. The son takes time off work every day to accompany his father, take him down to the sunbathing house or go to the hospital for follow-up care.

'Kuong Tu Nha' Du Tu Minh had a stroke at the age of 77 - Photo 2

However, after a long time of rest and recovery, actor Du Tu Minh's condition has improved, not only improving his appetite but also being able to brush his teeth, wash his face, lisp is also improved.

Du Tu Minh's son said that when he saw his father's condition better, the family was very happy, I felt that this month and a half of hard work was not in vain.

The veteran actor's son added that his father suddenly changed from walking normally to being in a wheelchair, which made his mood not very good, but everyone still encouraged him, otherwise the whole family's efforts will be useless.

In fact, this is not the first time Yu Ziming has been seriously ill. In early 2000, while filming the historical drama The Time Machine , he suffered a head injury, brain hematoma and coma, and was hospitalized.

'Kuong Tu Nha' Du Tu Minh had a stroke at the age of 77 - Photo 3

In 2020, Yu Ziming decided to leave TVB because TVB's salary was too low, then switched to another TV station to act in dramas.

In an interview on Sina, the veteran actor frankly expressed his frustrations about TVB over the years - where he has worked for more than 40 years.

TVB is known as a famous Hong Kong TV station in the 80s and 90s, but over the years, this station has gone downhill and its actors have also "left their shirts" because of poor treatment. .

'Kuong Tu Nha' Du Tu Minh had a stroke at the age of 77 - Photo 4

According to "Kuong Tu Nha", in early 2020, his salary was cut significantly because there was no longer much commercial value for TVB, even though he has devoted more than half of his life to this station.

Although he has signed a contract, he can only record one program a year and so, the annual salary is about more than 10,000 yuan (about more than 30 million VND at present). This salary is not enough to maintain basic living.

In addition to low wages, many other harsh conditions have also become "forced" reasons for veteran artists to leave. Du Tu Minh once said that at the age of 76, he was still f.orced to film at night. This intensity of work is quite stressful for a mature artist.

'Kuong Tu Nha' Du Tu Minh had a stroke at the age of 77 - Photo 5

In particular, the actor also revealed for the first time that not only now, but since about the 2000s, TVB has not been able to guarantee the lives of its actors. When he was filming the movie The Time Machine, during a scene on a horse-drawn carriage, the carriage suddenly collapsed causing him and actress Quach Thien Ni to fall.

After the fall, because he was wearing a hat, he did not know he had torn his head. It was only when he saw the b.lood flowing down that the actor realized the seriousness. He had to go to the hospital for surgery with medical expenses of about 200,000 yuan (more than 722 million).

Worth mentioning, this is an occupational accident situation, but adding the insurance compensation that TVB bought and the station's allowance is still 40,000 yuan (more than 144 million) short. After that, TVB asked Du Tu Minh to bear half of the cost, while the station only paid half of the amount of treatment.

'Kuong Tu Nha' Du Tu Minh had a stroke at the age of 77 - Photo 6

As one of the most popular broadcasters in Hong Kong at the time, TVB was still not willing to fully reimburse its actors. This makes the artists gradually discouraged. However, for Du Tu Minh, TVB is not only a place to work but also a place where he has spent most of his life. Therefore, he did not want to leave, continuing to work as long as the working environment was acceptable.

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