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Khanh Yunien 2: Zhang Ruojun performs the scene of treatment like labor pain still attracts fans

Minh Lợi14:42:39 02/06/2024
Khanh Du Nien 2 is a historical masterpiece occupying the airwaves from the small screen to social networks. The film continuously achieved new records, even breaking the record of Data Phoenix starring Zhao Liying-Lin Jingxin.

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Khanh Du Nien 2 ended in an open ending, the audience was discouraged by many "mistakes" and the fake setting

Bút Bi16:30:19 31/05/2024
Khanh Du Nien 2 ended with much controversy because it was so different from the original. In addition, the wedding scene of Pham Nhan and Lam Uyen Nhi was also criticized as temporary, poor, and had many details that did not fit the film's context.

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Khanh Du Nien 2 revealed the ending of the movie, causing controversy because it was not the same as the original

Bút Chì13:10:38 25/05/2024
According to the scriptwriter and the original story, the movie Khanh Du Nien 2 will end with the main couple getting married. This immediately caused many mixed opinions with the audience.

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Khanh Du Nien 2 only needed 15 minutes to break 12 records, Du Phuong Hanh "fell" miserably

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:49:28 18/05/2024
Khanh Du Nien 2 is a rare super project in the history of Chinese films that sets a huge record. The film paralyzed the entire screen, destroying all achievements of previous films.

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