Kep1er: The most unpopular music group in Kpop, failing on all fronts, causing all sorts of controversies

Thanh PhúcJun 17, 2024 at 16:43

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Kep1er is a Kpop g.irl group, from their debut until now the group has continuously encountered troubles. Poor achievements and controversies made the group considered the "unlucky" idols of Gen 4. However, fans still hope that Kep1er will change their fate in the future.

In 2021, the survival show Girls Planet 999 was introduced to the audience with the participation of contestants from Korea, Japan, and China. The program received a lot of attention when it aired, the contestants also had a certain recognition and the w.inning team was called by the common name Kep1er. With the success of groups coming out of previous reality shows such as IOI, Wanna One, IZ*ONE, Kep1er is expected to achieve similar achievements.

Kep1er: The most unpopular music group in Kpop, failing on all fronts, causing all sorts of controversies - Photo 1

The first debut with EP First Impact with the title song Wa Da Da received positive effects. Wa Da Da helped Kep1er receive 3 w.inning trophies at music shows, and also won the Artist of the Year a.ward (digital music category, January) of the Circle Chart Music Awards 2023.

However, it can be said that Wa Da Da was the last time that Kep1er fully enjoyed the taste of victory during his career. The group continued to release new products but were unable to create as strong an effect as their debut song. Kep1er only won 1 more music show win with Up! But there are suspicions of f.raud. At that time, Nayeon had just released her extremely successful debut solo MV Pop. Many opinions say that in terms of digital music, Kep1er's album sales can hardly compete with Nayeon - a member of a g.irl group that has been active for a long time and has the second largest fan base in Kpop. After that, Nayeon recovered with another series of victories, and Kep1er officially could no longer touch another music show trophy.

Kep1er: The most unpopular music group in Kpop, failing on all fronts, causing all sorts of controversies - Photo 2

Many people pointed out Kep1er's failure due to the management company's wrong promotion method. Some opinions say that the title songs the company chose to film the MV for the group are really not enough to attract the audience, and even many supporting songs deserve more MVs. Besides, promoting activities in Japan but neglecting to promote in Korea is also the reason why Kep1er is lagging behind a series of top g.irl groups such as NewJeans, (G)I-DLE, IVE, LE SSERAFIM, aespa, ITZY...

Kep1er: The most unpopular music group in Kpop, failing on all fronts, causing all sorts of controversies - Photo 3

One thing that makes fans tired is the center position. If anyone follows Girls Planet 999, they will know that the first place winner is Kim Chaehyun, who of course takes on the center role for Kep1er. However, the management company doesn't think so. Every time they come back, the company prioritizes members with lower rankings, especially 9th-ranked Xiaoting in the center, Chaehyun or sometimes the top 2. Huening Bahiyyih was sent to the "chicken coop", standing in less prominent positions.

Kep1er: The most unpopular music group in Kpop, failing on all fronts, causing all sorts of controversies - Photo 4

Many opinions say that Xiaoting's impressive beauty is suitable for the center position and has many fans, but remember, this Chinese member only ranked 9th on the show. If they freely ranked like that, Chaehyun fans would try to be equal. What's the point of choosing an idol to rank first?

Because they are just a project group, Kep1er's contract with the management company will expire on July 3 this year. The company is trying to renew the contracts with the members, but with this terrible promotion method, it is not too difficult to understand the disbandment of Kep1er. Needless to say, before the contract expired, the company did not choose Korea to promote but instead released an album for the Japanese market. Coming to this point, many people hope that the 9 girls will soon be freed from this company.

Kep1er: The most unpopular music group in Kpop, failing on all fronts, causing all sorts of controversies - Photo 5

Not stopping there, the MV for the song Straight Line was released on April 23 right when the HYBE drama was extremely tense. The f.ight between "NewJeans mother" Min Hee Jin and the entire HYBE group is becoming the focus of the media, causing Kep1er's comeback to suddenly be forgotten.

2 members Mashiro and Yeseo did not renew their contracts with Wake One Entertainment and returned to 143 Entertainment. Many rumors suggest that Mashiro and Yeseo will join the band LimeLight. The future of Kep1er members after the contract decision becomes different.

Kep1er: The most unpopular music group in Kpop, failing on all fronts, causing all sorts of controversies - Photo 6

Mashiro is the second leader of Kep1er, next to eldest sister Choi Yujin. The Japanese female idol once interned at JYP with ITZY members before participating in the survival show Girls Planet 999. Meanwhile, the youngest sister, Yeseo, is a c.hild actor who debuted in the group Busters.

During their time working with Kep1er, these two members did not receive much favor from the company, mainly participating in promoting with the group, without any outstanding individual activities. The group only has a certain popularity in the Japanese market. In Korea, Kep1er's performance declined after his debut song WA DA DA, then "disappeared" on the charts.

Kep1er: The most unpopular music group in Kpop, failing on all fronts, causing all sorts of controversies - Photo 7

After more than 2 years of operation, Kep1er only tasted success at their debut and then gradually retreated, fading compared to the bustling Kpop market. Many people feel sorry for the 9 talented girls, but due to the management company's wrong promotion method, the group is gradually forgotten in the eyes of the public.

Kep1er: The most unpopular music group in Kpop, failing on all fronts, causing all sorts of controversies - Photo 8

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