Jennie first revealed why she abandoned BLACKPINK, wanted to be an "entertainment boss"

Bình YênJan 08, 2024 at 10:27

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At this time, the fan community is extremely abuzz with the information that YG Entertainment released an official statement, confirming that the members of the cult group Blackpink did not renew their personal contracts.

Accordingly, YG Entertainment is only responsible for managing and promoting Blackpink's activities, and each member's individual activities will not be related to the famous Korean entertainment group.

Jennie first revealed why she abandoned BLACKPINK, wanted to be an entertainment boss - Photo 1

YG Entertainment's statement read, "Some time ago, YG Entertainment renewed Blackpink's promotion contract as a group. We have come to an agreement not to sign individual promotion contracts for members.

YG Entertainment promises to support Blackpink's group activities with all available resources, while encouraging the members' individual activities with warm hearts."

Jennie was the first member of Blackpink to announce her individual activity. Accordingly, the 9X generation star established his own company, actively managing personal art activities. Her decision was met with support and worries from fans.

Recently, while participating in The Seasons - Lee Hyori's Red Carpet, Jennie opened up about her bold decision.

She said: "I continued my group activities but I also wanted to be able to do my personal activities more freely, so I started my own company. I have a team of people who have been by my side for a long time at my own company. I want to continue to be free to do activities and promote."

Jennie first revealed why she abandoned BLACKPINK, wanted to be an entertainment boss - Photo 2

Also on the show, she explained the choice of ODD ATELIER as the company name: "It implies that I will do well even though my path is alien and different from others. Please support me a lot in the future."

In addition, Jennie affirmed that starting her own company does not mean that she is at odds with YG Entertainment. The beautiful singer said that she and the other 3 members of Blackpink all agreed to renew their group contracts with YG Entertainment and this is the best proof that they do not have conflicts with the agency.

Jennie added that she learned a lot at YG Entertainment, but in the process, she was always thinking about what she could do if she stood on her own two feet.

"I want to challenge myself, bravely face all difficulties to do well with the set plans. For now, I'm focused on taking good care of myself," the young singer added.

Specifically, Jennie plans to release a personal album in 2024, actively participating in entertainment programs. "Being on stage, performing is my greatest happiness," Jennie added.

On her profile of tens of millions of subscribers, Jennie is constantly posting new images. Jennie's posts have garnered millions of likes and tens of thousands of comments from fans.

Jennie first revealed why she abandoned BLACKPINK, wanted to be an entertainment boss - Photo 3

Recently, as a guest on the first episode of The Seasons - Lee Hyori's Red Carpet season 4, Jennie was very excited. Also at the show, the BlackPink member revealed herself to be a fan of senior Lee Hyori.

Therefore, as soon as he received the invitation, the BlackPink member agreed to attend the show. In the beginning, Jennie appeared with a bouquet of flowers that attracted attention while preparing a letter for Lee Hyori.

Jennie first revealed why she abandoned BLACKPINK, wanted to be an entertainment boss - Photo 4

In the letter, the BlackPink member wrote, "Congratulations on the first episode of 'The Seasons.' Thank you for inviting me. I couldn't be happier to meet and know you, my eternal idol. Please feel free to contact me. I really like you a lot." In response to Jennie's affection, Lee Hyori thanked the young singer.

Jennie first revealed why she abandoned BLACKPINK, wanted to be an entertainment boss - Photo 5

In addition, Jennie also revealed that she used to be extremely confused that led to insomnia just because she had seen her seniors on one previous occasion: "We saw each other very little. When Hyori walked through the corridor and saw me, she touched my cheek and left. This action made my heart race, even at night I couldn't sleep."

Jennie first revealed why she abandoned BLACKPINK, wanted to be an entertainment boss - Photo 6

In response to the cuteness of the juniors, Lee Hyori also revealed the reason why she previously touched the junior's cheek despite not knowing her, "I know it is very rude to touch the face of someone you don't know. But at that moment, Jennie looked at me with bright eyes and a lovely expression. So my hand reached out and touched her."

Jennie first revealed why she abandoned BLACKPINK, wanted to be an entertainment boss - Photo 7

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