Huong Giang seemed to kiss Thanh Hang's lips, confidently "hit" Ha Ho but was still drowned by 1 point

MưaDec 08, 2023 at 14:33

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Recently, at an event in Ho Chi Minh City, many Vietnamese stars gathered. Among them, we must mention Ho Ngoc Ha, Thanh Hang, Huong Giang, Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien...

In particular, this is an opportunity for the trio of mentors who "made waves" in a recent reality show to reunite and "compete" in "sizzling" outfits.

Thanh Hang chose a plain dress with bold cuts to help the supermodel o.ff her slim waist and especially her famous 1m12 long legs. The beauty of the "big sister of the village" is said to have become more and more loving and attractive since she got married. Although she chose a monochromatic outfit, Thanh Hang's charisma helped her stand out among the beauties at the event.

Huong Giang seemed to kiss Thanh Hangs lips, confidently hit Ha Ho but was still drowned by 1 point - Photo 1

Meanwhile, Huong Giang chose a "hot" strapless red dress with sparkling sequins when attending a night party. With the advantage of porcelain-white skin, the beauty born in 1991 stands out when choosing a "tree red" outfit from lipstick, skirt to high heels.

Wearing her long hair to enhance her femininity, Huong Giang is no slouch when standing in the same frame as her two "big sisters" Ha Ho - Thanh Hang.

Huong Giang seemed to kiss Thanh Hangs lips, confidently hit Ha Ho but was still drowned by 1 point - Photo 2

When standing next to Thanh Hang with her long, silky legs and the "tight" Huong Giang with her sparkling red dress, Ho Ngoc Ha still has a way of "taking the spotlight" as an "entertainment queen".

Wearing a monochrome dress, the song "A whole world of memories" cleverly combined with a "very expensive" jewelry set with necklace, earrings and bracelets. Sharp charisma and accessories that "exude the smell of money" help Ha Ho shine when sharing the frame with Thanh Hang - Huong Giang, even when she is not standing in the center position when taking photos.

Huong Giang seemed to kiss Thanh Hangs lips, confidently hit Ha Ho but was still drowned by 1 point - Photo 3

Huong Giang seemed to kiss Thanh Hangs lips, confidently hit Ha Ho but was still drowned by 1 point - Photo 4

Huong Giang seemed to kiss Thanh Hangs lips, confidently hit Ha Ho but was still drowned by 1 point - Photo 5

Huong Giang seemed to kiss Thanh Hangs lips, confidently hit Ha Ho but was still drowned by 1 point - Photo 6

After the reality TV show about models, the mentors Ha Ho - Thanh Hang - Huong Giang - Lan Khue still maintain a close relationship and often interact humorously on social networks. Many viewers expressed regret that Lan Khue was not present at this event to "compete" with her sisters.

At the end of October 2023, Thanh Hang officially joined the group of "other people's wives" when holding a luxurious wedding with conductor Tran Nhat Minh. Also at this wedding party, the female supermodel freely disclosed information about her husband to ask everyone to "keep an eye on her". 2 weeks after the wedding, couple Thanh Hang - Nhat Minh had a vacation and honeymoon together.

Accordingly, conductor Nhat Minh's wife posted a peaceful moment when the two sat together to admire the majestic scenery. Thanh Hang also teased her husband: "Sightseeing, not buying real estate, sir. Where's the m.oney to buy that hill?" Although she did not r.eveal her expression, through Thanh Hang's words, netizens also partly realized that she was very happily enjoying peaceful moments with Nhat Minh.

Huong Giang seemed to kiss Thanh Hangs lips, confidently hit Ha Ho but was still drowned by 1 point - Photo 7

Most notably, the female supermodel also acted like the family's "big sister" through a short interaction with MC Phi Linh. Specifically, Phi Linh left a comment praising Nhat Minh for being brighter than when he was not married. Immediately, Thanh Hang responded: "I heard about it, you're also bright" making Phi Linh also surprised because Nhat Minh reported everything to his wife so quickly. It turns out that no matter how famous and powerful the conductor is, Nhat Minh still joins the group of "talking and reporting" to the "rooftops".

Thanh Hang confided that she has become gentler and calmer since falling in love and marrying conductor Nhat Minh: " Before, I was too serious, so everything around me was stressful. I think I should calm down. Everything is still the same. Just operate according to my thoughts, but I give the other person a more comfortable feeling, easier to receive the message, but in fact, the 'ribs' are no different, only the external interface is a bit 'softer'.

Mr. Minh is also the most patient man among the people I met. Being around him also affected me. This influence is very positive. So at The New Mentor, seeing everything happening, I calmly received and handled it all, not as hotly as before. Mr. Minh also watched a few episodes of the show but did not dare to comment. It seems that for Mr. Minh, what Thanh Hang did was right and the truth."

Huong Giang seemed to kiss Thanh Hangs lips, confidently hit Ha Ho but was still drowned by 1 point - Photo 8

Huong Giang seemed to kiss Thanh Hangs lips, confidently hit Ha Ho but was still drowned by 1 point - Photo 9

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