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Thu Ky revealed behind-the-scenes photos without photoshop, how is the beauty of U50, but fans "gasp"

An Nhi16:18:38 18/11/2021
Not only stunned with a series of shimmering studio moments, Thu Ky also made the public admire her real beauty through behind-the-scenes photos. On the evening of November 17, the red carpet event to launch new products from the world-famous brand Louis Vuitton was held in...

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Hua Giai Ky had to 'carry' the unnamed male lead for the first time in the lead role

team youtuber20:30:00 01/04/2021
Hua Giai Ky is one of the members with the largest fan base of The9. Before debuting with the group, she was a singer-actress who was familiar with the audience even though she only played a supporting role. Hua Jiaqi's first starring film also gained great attention. After debuting from Youth with 2 friends, the members

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Hua Giai Ky - SNH48's talented beauty once rejected SM Entertainment

team youtuber17:30:00 24/03/2021
She is a sought-after idol thanks to her top-notch visuals, luxurious and attractive temperament. Hua Jia Ky has a remarkable film fortune from ancient to modern times, known for her supporting role in the story of Van Xi. Few people know, SNH48's dancing machine Hua Giai Ky has a ballet teacher's degree since she was 15 years old because of...

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