H.ot g.irl Pham Nhu Phuong appeared after the drama storm, clearing the way and immediately got hit by bricks

Trí NhiJun 17, 2024 at 14:39

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H.ot female gymnast Pham Nhu Phuong (Louis Pham) has just made a comeback after a series of scandals. The beauty born in 2003 started cleaning up her personal page and blocking comments, but netizens still criticized her and there was no way back.

Pham Nhu Phuong is still a name that receives a lot of attention from the online community. Coming from a potential athlete of the National gymnastics team, Nhu Phuong was supported by netizens when she retired and spoke out to accuse her teachers of "stealing" medal bonuses and hidden corners behind her. However, just half a year later, when Nhu Phuong switched to being a TikToker, she was continuously involved in dramas and was set up with an anti-fan group with 90,000 members.

Hot g.irl Pham Nhu Phuong appeared after the drama storm, clearing the way and immediately got hit by bricks - Photo 1

In particular, Pham Nhu Phuong's sensitive statements caused the h.ot gym g.irl's TikTok account, which had 1.3 million followers, to officially "evaporate", and is now banned. Losing TikTok channel as the main means of earning income (from advertising, product PR), Pham Nhu Phuong recently made a move to return to the Facebook platform. On her personal page with more than 90,000 followers, Pham Nhu Phuong has re-displayed some of her posts with life photos. Previously, when she was involved in a controversial speech, Nhu Phuong had to hide all her entertainment posts, leaving only pictures of her training and competitions when she was still a National Athlete, to remind her of her contributions to gymnastics.

Hot g.irl Pham Nhu Phuong appeared after the drama storm, clearing the way and immediately got hit by bricks - Photo 2

Re-displaying life posts on her personal page, Pham Nhu Phuong also carefully filtered comments, deleting negative comments from the online community, leaving only compliments at a time when the drama had not yet broken out. However, netizens still flooded the posts with anger, and at the same time, the comments kept by Nhu Phuong also received anger.

Recently, Louis Pham was also discovered to apologize on social networks. "Sorry everyone, maybe this is a late apology. Now that my account is gone, I hope everyone will forgive my rash statements," this account wrote.

Hot g.irl Pham Nhu Phuong appeared after the drama storm, clearing the way and immediately got hit by bricks - Photo 3

In fact, this apology is fake. Because this personal page only has 5 clips and less than 300 followers. Not to mention, this account was only created when Pham Nhu Phuong encountered a series of scandals. Currently, the clip is going viral with more than 60k views, attracting many mixed opinions. Many people mistakenly thought this was Pham Nhu Phuong's real account and left offensive comments. Besides, people also expressed their discontent and condemned the act of fake accounts to make statements and create dramas just to get likes and views.

Hot g.irl Pham Nhu Phuong appeared after the drama storm, clearing the way and immediately got hit by bricks - Photo 4

This is not the only account posting Nhu Phuong's apology. A day ago, another virtual account also used images from her old livestream from a long time ago, cut them together with an apology for the recent noise and hoped for the online community's forgiveness. Worth mentioning, this fake account currently has up to 1 million views and is confusing many people.

In addition, a series of TikTokers who were close and shared clips with Pham Nhu Phuong also took action when their names were mentioned and were dragged into drama. Misthy or Vo Nu Ngan Ha recently hid all the clips she filmed with Pham Nhu Phuong.

Hot g.irl Pham Nhu Phuong appeared after the drama storm, clearing the way and immediately got hit by bricks - Photo 5

Wyn Anh (Quynh Anh, born in 2005) - with 2.5 million followers who once appeared in the same frame with Nhu Phuong, is also said to be secretly talking about her current relationship with Nhu Phuong.

This h.ot g.irl shared: "I'm introverted, always focused on emotions and very appreciative of my family as well as respecting what my ancestors left behind so that to this generation, we will all be richer and luckier. No one can predict the future and relationships only come into contact, problems arise and I feel they are not right for me. And I believe that I know how to do it best."

Hot g.irl Pham Nhu Phuong appeared after the drama storm, clearing the way and immediately got hit by bricks - Photo 6

2 quite famous TikTokers, Hieu Shyn (2.5 million followers) and Tan Dat (583k followers), also released a video filmed with the overseas Vietnamese young master PL - an acquaintance of Pham Nhu Phuong. It is known that PL is the brother of lover Pham Nhu Phuong, who returned to Vietnam in early June.

Hot g.irl Pham Nhu Phuong appeared after the drama storm, clearing the way and immediately got hit by bricks - Photo 7

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