Hoang Thuy Linh was defended by the leader of the Department of Performing Arts

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The fact that Hoang Thuy Linh, despite having many scandals in the past year, was still honored in the 2023 Outstanding Singer category caused a lot of controversy. The representative of the Department of Performing Arts (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) spoke up about the news that the female singer was favored.

On the evening of January 13, Hoang Thuy Linh was named in the Outstanding Singer 2023 category at the Ceremony honoring typical artists and a number of outstanding books in the field of performing arts and literature in 2023. .

Hoang Thuy Linh was defended by the leader of the Department of Performing Arts - Photo 1

Hoang Thuy Linh was defended by the leader of the Department of Performing Arts - Photo 2

At the program, Hoang Thuy Linh was introduced as a singer who creates trends, connects young audiences with contemporary music, and is very creative in her artistic journey.

Speaking after receiving the trophy, Hoang Thuy Linh said: "This recognition makes me try harder. I will look at my weaknesses to change, and my advantages to continue to promote. Growth Success requires lessons and time."

Hoang Thuy Linh was defended by the leader of the Department of Performing Arts - Photo 3

Hoang Thuy Linh's receipt of the 2023 Outstanding Singer a.ward caused controversy about the review criteria for the honor ceremony.

Mr. Tran Huong Duong - Deputy Director of the Department of Performing Arts, Head of the Organizing Committee - said that the criteria for selecting outstanding artists are according to regulations, specifically: Must be able to spread the community, have products The products have artistic quality, the artists do not violate the regulations (Decree 144/2020/ND-CP) of the state...

Hoang Thuy Linh was defended by the leader of the Department of Performing Arts - Photo 4

Council members include Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ta Quang Dong, Chairman of the Vietnam Theater Artists Association Trinh Thuy Mui... The chairman of the council is journalist Le Quoc Minh - Editor-in-Chief of Nhan Dan newspaper, Chairman of the Association Vietnamese journalist.

When the reporter asked: "Is there any favors for singer Hoang Thuy Linh when receiving the honor of outstanding singer of the year?". Mr. Tran Huong Duong affirmed: "Hoang Thuy Linh received the honor because she was unanimously introduced by the Council, not nominated by any member. We work seriously, according to the prescribed criteria, without any complaints. What favor?"

Regarding Hoang Thuy Linh's press conference in September 2023, the representative of the honor program's organizing committee said that this did not much affect the voting results.

"We should look at things with compassionate eyes and support artistic activities that have a pervasive impact. In fact, it is difficult for any song in the past year to surpass See Tinh in terms of spread," said the Department's leader. Performing arts speak.

Hoang Thuy Linh was defended by the leader of the Department of Performing Arts - Photo 5

Some viewers believe that the honor given to Hoang Thuy Linh is like a reminder for the female singer to learn from experience in her attitude and behavior to match the standards of an artist.

2023 is a memorable year for Hoang Thuy Linh when she organized her first solo show called Vietnamese concert , released a series of MVs and new songs, and participated in a TV series.

In particular, See Tinh became the ultimate "weapon" to help Hoang Thuy Linh's name fly higher and farther. The catchy chorus has become the iconic sound for See Tinh , helping the song go viral on social media platforms. Not only is it popular in Vietnam, but the melody of this song has also reached the "big sea", being covered by many famous Kpop stars, appearing on Chinese television, and being used by Thai actors to s.how o.ff their dances. The cult often appears in Malaysia with an extremely... "unique" version, and more!

Hoang Thuy Linh was defended by the leader of the Department of Performing Arts - Photo 6

Holding her first concert at the right time was met with a lot of noise, but Hoang Thuy Linh still proved herself to be a smart performer, with her own unique personality and serious investment in each product.

Hoang Thuy Linh was defended by the leader of the Department of Performing Arts - Photo 7

Hoang Thuy Linh was defended by the leader of the Department of Performing Arts - Photo 8

Not only that, last year the female singer also made a grand comeback after a period of absence from the small screen with the TV series Don't Be Afraid to Get Married for Just One Reason . Although not too outstanding, Vang Anh's acting still received many compliments and sympathy from the audience.

Hoang Thuy Linh was defended by the leader of the Department of Performing Arts - Photo 9

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