Hoang My: Runner-up in Miss World and Miss Universe, Ha Tang's missing "sister-in-law"

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Vu Thi Hoang My (born in 1988) is the 1st runner-up of the Miss Vietnam 2010 contest and the first representative of Vietnam to attend the two largest beauty arenas in the world, Miss Universe 2011 and Miss World 2012.

Hoang My once shared that she was born in a family of four siblings and was the youngest stepchild. Her father is in the agricultural products business with his brother. Her mother first worked as a teacher, then switched to being a housewife, taking care of her children.
The beauty has experienced independent life since she was 18 years old. After graduating from high school, Hoang My moved to Saigon to live with her uncle for two years. During that time, she spent time learning English and reading a lot of books from business, painting, and piano.

Hoang My: Runner-up in Miss World and Miss Universe, Ha Tangs missing sister-in-law - Photo 1

After that, Hoang My passed the exam at RMIT International University Ho Chi Minh City, majoring in multimedia design. The runner-up said that she paid for her studies by working as a tutor and interpreter and only when it was too difficult did she ask her parents for partial help.
When participating in the Miss Vietnam 2010 contest, the g.irl from Dong Nai was highly appreciated for her beautiful b.ody, western face, polite demeanor, and gentle behavior. The fact that Hoang My missed the Miss throne made many viewers regret. However, with her radiant beauty, the beauty still became the representative of Vietnam to attend the two biggest beauty contests on the planet: Miss Universe 2011 and Miss World 2012.

Hoang My: Runner-up in Miss World and Miss Universe, Ha Tangs missing sister-in-law - Photo 2

In 2013, Hoang My suddenly announced that she would go to the US to study acting and filmmaking at the New York Film Academy to satisfy her passion. At the end of 2015, Hoang My went to Israel to learn about the country and people here to prepare for her first documentary called "Decoding Jewish Intelligence".

On her personal page, the beauty often shares pictures and stories about Israel - a country with complex politics and religion, where dangerous uprisings often occur in the Middle East.

During this time, Hoang My experienced the riot but was lucky to survive and update the situation on her personal page so that her family and friends could rest assured. The beauty shared that when she came to Israel, she accepted to "live with the flood" like the locals.

Hoang My: Runner-up in Miss World and Miss Universe, Ha Tangs missing sister-in-law - Photo 3

After that, Hoang My returned to Vietnam, taking on the role of foreign relations director of Miss Universe Vietnam. She also actively participates in showbiz activities and has sat on the jury of domestic beauty contests many times. Besides, she also holds the role of co-producer of the film Teo em 2 directed by Charlie Nguyen.

Besides her career, Hoang My's private life is also a h.ot topic after the time she was crowned. In early 2012, she was allowed to date businessman Phillip Nguyen - Tang Thanh Ha's brother-in-law.

The two have never confirmed their dating, but they have been in love at many events. Many activities of Phillip Nguyen's family have the participation of Hoang My. The beauty also participated in Tang Thanh Ha's bridal procession as a member of the groom's family.

Hoang My: Runner-up in Miss World and Miss Universe, Ha Tangs missing sister-in-law - Photo 4

Since the end of 2013, the couple has been suspected of breaking up because they did not accompany each other as before, even ignoring each other at an event. In an interview, runner-up Hoang My also revealed her relationship with Phillip Nguyen. The queen shared that her plan to study abroad was before she met and met her brother-in-law Ha Tang.

At that time, she was young and her emotions completely dominated everything, not reason. At that time, although they knew that the love story would not go anywhere, both Hoang My and Phillip Nguyen still decided to fall in love. The two just thought that wherever they could go together, they would go there. Breaking up was something that both of them had predicted in advance.

Hoang My: Runner-up in Miss World and Miss Universe, Ha Tangs missing sister-in-law - Photo 5

Hoang My herself does not know what to call this love because it is not a dream when she still has many ambitions and is not ready for marriage. Currently, Hoang My still maintains a friendship with Phillip Nguyen. From Hoang My's point of view, if you have ever loved each other, you still spend time with each other to pay some attention to each other until the end of your life, not at any time.

"I want to study directing, this is a career I want to pursue throughout my life. That intention existed before the love with Phillip came. When I find my life's dream, knowing that my life will be interesting, it's like being born again."

Hoang My: Runner-up in Miss World and Miss Universe, Ha Tangs missing sister-in-law - Photo 6

Later, Hoang My was quite secretive in her love affair. In February 2023, Hoang My publicly announced her overseas Vietnamese boyfriend but hid her identity. She said that her "other half" conquered her with patience and sincerity. Thanks to her complete love with her boyfriend, Hoang My has changed her conception of life and marriage from a person who has no intention of getting married.

Hoang My: Runner-up in Miss World and Miss Universe, Ha Tangs missing sister-in-law - Photo 7

In April 2024, the queen officially gave birth to her first c.hild in Austria. Hoang My shared that she was very happy to have a c.hild, becoming a mother for the first time. She said her boyfriend would be a good father to her c.hild.

The whole family is happy with Hoang My's good news. For a long time, her mother wanted her daughter to have a b.aby. Among her siblings, she was the only one who was not married. Now that she has a b.aby, everyone feels at ease. Fans and colleagues have also sent countless wishes to her.

Hoang My: Runner-up in Miss World and Miss Universe, Ha Tangs missing sister-in-law - Photo 8

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