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'Queen of Thi Phi' Diep Tuyen appeared with a deformed face, suspicious of 'damning and rebuilding'

Yang Mi08:57:00 17/06/2022
Once possessing the "unique" beauty of the Hong Kong entertainment industry as well as intelligence and high education, now the pure beauty of the g.irl "Dang Le Quan" Diep Tuyen is gone. When it comes to Diep Tuyen, everyone's mind will be for this former TVB flower with winged...

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The life of 3 Miss Hong Kong who used to be '13 year old': Single at the age of 55, who almost lost her life

Yang Mi21:57:07 17/02/2022
Possessing a beautiful beauty among beauties, a bright career and many boys pursuing her, but unexpectedly Ly Gia Han, Tran Phap Dung and Duong Cung Nhu all became the 3rd person in the love story that made their careers plummet. . Ly Gia Han Ly Gia Han was born in 1970, thanks...

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