Hien Ho and the h.ot c.lip revelations caused a stir in the fan community

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Not only Hien Ho, Vbiz also used to "stand still" before rumors of r.evealing hot clips of many other beauties.

The fact that female stars are rumored to r.eveal hot clips and sensitive clips has long been not a strange story. However, facing the noise, each female star behaves differently. Let's take a look at the female stars who have been rumored by netizens to r.eveal hot clips!

His brooch

Recently, the social network "was up" with a 29-second clip of a man and woman, according to which netizens believe that the main character in the clip is hotgirl Tram Anh - who was also caught in a h.ot c.lip a few years ago. .

Hien Ho and the h.ot c.lip revelations caused a stir in the fan community - Photo 1

In addition to the comments asking for the link, netizens also "looked up" the details proving that Tram Anh is not the female lead in the 29-second clip. Not long after that, Tram Anh herself also spoke up, asserting that she was not the female lead in the clip.

Hien Ho and the h.ot c.lip revelations caused a stir in the fan community - Photo 2

"I have submitted an application to the Cybersecurity Department to solve the problem that someone has intentionally cropped my face photo into video 18, with the aim of smearing me. Hopefully individual Facebooks or fanpages are posting wrong things. In fact, delete the post if you don't want to go to the station to work. Thank you", Tram Anh said that she asked the authorities to intervene after the rumor leaked the clip spread all over the internet.

Le Bong

Not long ago, the online community "wake up" before the information that hotgirl Le Bong revealed a 2 - 7 minute clip. It is not clear what the truth is, but this information is still spreading strongly throughout "the net". Not stopping at sharing information, some also offer cut images in the clip to increase authenticity.

Hien Ho and the h.ot c.lip revelations caused a stir in the fan community - Photo 3

Immediately after the incident broke out, some friends and relatives sent messages to ask about the hotgirl situation. Instead of keeping quiet, beautiful g.irl Le Bong had a great voice. She shared on her story an image of a writhing face with a story that fell on her head from nowhere in the middle of the night. Le Bong said: "I was working on a script at night and saw my friends texting and exploding inboxes."

Hien Ho and the h.ot c.lip revelations caused a stir in the fan community - Photo 4

Talking about the fact that her sensitive clip was revealed, the hotgirl humorously replied: "Seeing something bad, I came in. What do you think, there's only a 7-minute clip? Do you have it? here's a 20-minute clip." Le Bong's reaction, although not straight, can be understood that she did not r.eveal any "hot clips" as netizens have been rumored.

Hien Ho

In the past few days, social networks have been buzzing about a series of intimate pictures of singer Hien Ho and CEO Ho Nhan. Regarding Hien Ho's emotional noise, on social networks, a screenshot of a netizen's message asking for a clip of Hien Ho in the middle of a drama is causing a storm.

Hien Ho and the h.ot c.lip revelations caused a stir in the fan community - Photo 5

Specifically, it was a trading exchange between two online accounts with the content: "Is there a clip of Hien Ho, brother?". Immediately, the other side offered 200,000 VND, and requested a transfer and sent a receipt.

Hien Ho and the h.ot c.lip revelations caused a stir in the fan community - Photo 6

Buyers do not hesitate to transfer immediately and immediately. I didn't expect the clip "10 minutes 33 seconds", but the seller also sent back the clip, which is a music video of Hien Ho. It is known that after the drama broke out, keywords related to Hien Ho or the number of 10 minutes and 33 seconds are being searched for "dizzy" on Google, despite the fact that there is no h.ot c.lip of the female singer leaked. rust.

Scandal of Hien Ho and "he relied on" lasted from the evening of March 19 until now with intimate images of the female singer and married businessman on social networks. In the midst of the noise, Hien Ho and the manager kept quiet, simultaneously closing the personal page and fanpage.

Not only that, on social networks, a series of Hien Ho antifan groups were established with the number from a few thousand to the largest of nearly 30,000 members. The members of this group expressed criticism and asked to boycott her artistic activities.

Hien Ho and the h.ot c.lip revelations caused a stir in the fan community - Photo 7

Some people compare the case of Hien Ho with Chinese showbiz - where artists in the midst of a noisy private life are turned away from the audience.

Before the scandal broke out, Hien Ho was also a face favored by business units to play ads and brand MVs. Under pressure from public opinion, these products have now turned off the comment mode.

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