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Hien Ho "rioted" with a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, people asked for a link, what did the singer say?

Uyển Đình10:17:48 11/09/2023
On recent forums, Hien Ho revealed a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, stimulating the curiosity of netizens. In response to the dizzying news being shared, Hien Hu's side has officially spoken.

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Hien Ho and the h.ot c.lip revelations caused a stir in the fan community

Nu1eafng07:10:01 07/04/2022
Not only Hien Ho, Vbiz also used to "stand still" before rumors of r.evealing hot clips of many other beauties. The fact that female stars are rumored to r.eveal hot clips and sensitive clips has long been not a strange story. However, facing the noise, each female star behaves...

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Extremely shocked: "Brother" Hien Ho confirmed that the crew hired 15 million to follow the script, threatened if he revealed the truth

Nam Phương21:20:16 28/03/2022
This guy vowed to tell the whole truth, despite the threat of the female singer HH's crew. Almost a week since the drama Hien Ho has been with a married man U60. In addition to being curious about the relationship above the "cousin" level, netizens also questioned the fact that...

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H.OT: "Cousin" Hien Ho officially spoke about the sensitive clip 13p13s, clarifying rumors of harming her sister

Nam Phương11:38:28 28/03/2022
The guy who is said to be the person behind Hien Ho's drama "cousin" officially clarified public concerns. Nearly a week since the drama with the giant U60, the family has been exposed. If Hien Ho chose to "evaporate" before all public questions, the male lead - CEO Ho Nhan only...

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