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H.OT: Hien Ho broke up with 'he relied on', opened a free show to regain love from fans?

Nắng13:43:49 07/09/2022
Although "silent" for a long time since the noisy love affair with the giant Ho Nhan took place, Hien Ho has always received special attention from the public. The female singer's "one move and one move" is always enthusiastically "waited" by the audience. According to a source...

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Hien Ho officially re-appeared with the song Ballad "heavy capital", about a love story full of dramatic drama?

Nắng10:14:14 30/07/2022
After a period full of dramas, Vietnamese showbiz is now a playground to mark the return of a series of names that used to cause "storms" such as Son Tung, Jack, Hai Tu,... And of course, One of them cannot be without the name Hien Ho. Since posting the long apology post so far...

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Hien Ho was "sealed" his career because of "stain" about morality?

AT10:37:38 21/04/2022
Although he apologized for the scandal, but whether Hien Ho can return to the entertainment industry or not, the power belongs to the audience. Hien Ho used to be known as a beautiful and talented young artist of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Possessing a high and clear...

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Extremely shocked: "Brother" Hien Ho confirmed that the crew hired 15 million to follow the script, threatened if he revealed the truth

Nam Phương21:20:16 28/03/2022
This guy vowed to tell the whole truth, despite the threat of the female singer HH's crew. Almost a week since the drama Hien Ho has been with a married man U60. In addition to being curious about the relationship above the "cousin" level, netizens also questioned the fact that...

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