Hari Won rarely did something with Tran Thanh, r.evealing the truth about their relationship

NắngDec 25, 2023 at 11:34

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Recently, on his personal Facebook page, Hari Won posted a series of extremely sweet photos with Tran Thanh.

In this photo set, the couple caused a fever because of their love. It can be seen that the two dressed up very impressively and made many people admire them because they were a perfect match. Not only that, the two also continuously looked at each other passionately. In particular, Tran Thanh and Hari Won even held hands as a way to confirm that their current relationship is still very good.

Hari Won rarely did something with Tran Thanh, r.evealing the truth about their relationship - Photo 1

Hari Won rarely did something with Tran Thanh, r.evealing the truth about their relationship - Photo 2

Hari Won rarely did something with Tran Thanh, r.evealing the truth about their relationship - Photo 3

Hari Won rarely did something with Tran Thanh, r.evealing the truth about their relationship - Photo 4

Hari Won rarely did something with Tran Thanh, r.evealing the truth about their relationship - Photo 5

Before that, when a comment appeared that the two had quarreled: "Sister, I heard you and Tran Thanh broke up?". Immediately, Tran Thanh's wife then had a very civilized and gentle response. She said: "Oh, such unfortunate news!". Thus, Hari Won has crushed the rumors of going separate ways with Tran Thanh.

Tran Thanh and Hari Won have long been known as one of the couples with an admirable love story throughout their relationship and decision to get married. Over the past few days, the two have suddenly been caught up in rumors of divorce and the end of their marriage contract. But after all, Tran Thanh officially spoke up and clarified everything. He affirmed that he and his wife are still happy together.

Hari Won rarely did something with Tran Thanh, r.evealing the truth about their relationship - Photo 6

In a conversation with fans not long ago, Tran Thanh received questions from the audience about rumors of having a b.aby. He denied and said that when singer Minh Tuyet read this information, he also misunderstood and texted him to congratulate him. "That's a picture of us filming a game show, 4-5 years ago," the Godfather star explained.

Giving his opinion on children, Tran Thanh shared: "If I feel like I can do something, I will do it. If I feel like I'm too bad, then I won't do it. If I feel that I am prosperous and no longer interested in playing, my life will be stable." then and wanted to have children to have more joy, at that time I was very ready."

Tran Thanh believes that when he has a c.hild, he and his wife will devote love and time to the b.aby. "I believe that when you give birth to a c.hild, you have to raise it well. When a c.hild grows up, he or she will be a good or bad person in society depending on the way he or she was raised. If you have a c.hild, you will continue to work all the time and not dedicate yourself to it. If I have time to take care of the b.aby, I will also lack many things. I don't want my c.hild to fall into such a situation," he affirmed.

Hari Won rarely did something with Tran Thanh, r.evealing the truth about their relationship - Photo 7

Tran Thanh shared that at present, he and Hari Won are working hard on their ambitions. He added: "When I feel like I have fulfilled all my dreams, I take the time to have another c.hild and pass on my dreams, raising my c.hild to be a useful person for society. But now I have a c.hild." If you don't have time for your c.hild, how will he or she develop well?

Tran Thanh shared that giving birth is not difficult, but the important thing is that he and Hari Won are not ready. "When we give birth to a c.hild, we should give them the best things when they come to this earth. Only then will that c.hild grow up in happiness. Instead of a c.hild growing up in the torment of his family, his father losing his job, If the mother has to worry about going to work, the c.hild won't be happy," he expressed his opinion.

The Southern Forest Land actor said that he and Hari Won did not follow the formula of "getting married" and then having children. "We don't do that, but the couple is still happy. As long as we feel happy. Giving birth is very important, so we have to consider it. We don't make a c.hild suffer," he said.

Hari Won rarely did something with Tran Thanh, r.evealing the truth about their relationship - Photo 8

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