Hannah Van Anh - A 2k2 beauty "listening" to a popular Western b.oy for a time publicly contested Miss

Hoàng AnhOct 17, 2022 at 14:00

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Surely people who play English learning system through Tiktok, facebook, youtube are probably too familiar with a beautiful g.irl, a young face, a super-best English s.hot to defeat a series of foreign boyfriends. None other than a g.irl named Hannah Van Anh. Recently, she confirmed to participate in the Miss Vietnam contest, making netizens even more excited.

Hannah Van Anh - A 2k2 beauty "listening" to a popular Western b.oy for a time publicly contested Miss - Photo 1

Hannah Van Anh's real name is Hoang Van Anh, currently a 3rd year student, majoring in English, Can Tho University. The beauty born in 2002 is famous on social networks thanks to English chat videos with strangers through a connection application. Her sweet voice and unique content have helped Van Anh's videos gain hundreds of thousands of hearts from the audience.

Hannah Van Anh - A 2k2 beauty "listening" to a popular Western b.oy for a time publicly contested Miss - Photo 2

Recently, the official fanpage of the Miss Vietnam contest has revealed the faces of the contestants who will compete in this beauty arena, and female TikToker from Can Tho is one of them. Not long after, she also quickly shared an article about to inform fans. It is known that the decision to register for the Miss contest has been cherished and planned by Van Anh for a long time.

Hannah Van Anh - A 2k2 beauty "listening" to a popular Western b.oy for a time publicly contested Miss - Photo 3

Below the comments section, readers can't help but be excited and excited by this news. Because if anyone has been following Van Anh for a long time, they will know that Van Anh is a true "talented" g.irl. So, when Van Anh made the decision to compete in Miss Universe, most fans supported the h.ot TikToker to try in a new field.

Emerging from the short clips "listening" to Western boys on social networks, however, what makes the audience stay with Van Anh is probably because of her talent. During her school years, Van Anh has achieved many high achievements such as: First prize in the "Intercollegiate English Storytelling" contest in 2018, the Creative Video Clip A.ward of the National Speaking English Contest. 2020, Consolation Prize for HSG selection exam at city level, Consolation prize for contest "Talented Cambridge Region 1st Open Mekong Delta",...

Hannah Van Anh - A 2k2 beauty "listening" to a popular Western b.oy for a time publicly contested Miss - Photo 4

To achieve such admirable achievements as the present time, Hannah Van Anh has had to work very hard. The starting point is a "blank page", so the f.emale s.tudent seems to be far behind her peers on the journey to conquer English. Thanks to that, Van Anh has inspired many young people to learn foreign languages. Not only that, but she also revealed effective methods to improve her style, change her mind from the smallest things. Especially how to build a more and more prestigious brand for yourself.

Hannah Van Anh - A 2k2 beauty "listening" to a popular Western b.oy for a time publicly contested Miss - Photo 5

Not only that, besides talent and beautiful appearance, Van Anh also owns a tall and slim b.ody. Female TikToker from Can Tho has an impressive height of 1m72, and her three-round measurement is also extremely balanced. Before participating in Miss Vietnam, Van Anh also tried her hand at many small-scale beauty contests and won high prizes such as the First Prize of Beauty through the Lens 2020, Third Prize of the School Beauty Contest 2019, ...

And yet, Van Anh is also very enthusiastic and active in extra-curricular activities. She always appears in cultural and traditional activities that the school organizes. It is this positivity and sociability that helps Van Anh be loved and admired by many friends.

Hannah Van Anh - A 2k2 beauty "listening" to a popular Western b.oy for a time publicly contested Miss - Photo 6

It can be seen that, with the advantages being improved day by day, when coming to one of the largest beauty arenas in Vietnam, fans can fully expect a "warrior" Van Anh.

With a different creative direction and a fluent and easy-to-listen English speaking style, the name Hannah Van Anh quickly made an impression on viewers. This novel way of making content gives her the opportunity to learn more about the culture and characteristics of countries. Therefore, this may be an advantage for Van Anh to be more confident when participating in the Miss contest.

With her foreign language proficiency, face and skillful behavior, as long as the catwalk is okay, Van Anh will absolutely be a "warrior" that everyone must be wary of. Currently, people are looking forward to the performance of this beauty in the future.

Hannah Van Anh - A 2k2 beauty "listening" to a popular Western b.oy for a time publicly contested Miss - Photo 7

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