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The Fortune Teller Fears Ghosts teaches O Huyen Sau Durian and corrects his speech on social networks

T.P17:03:46 11/07/2024
Tiktoker The Fortune Teller is Afraid of Ghosts has just released a clip discussing the incident of O Huyen Sau Dui's unfortunate statement to Quang Linh Vlog on livestream, causing a stir in recent days. The female tiktoker directly taught and corrected O Huyen's speaking style.

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Hang Du Mu live noisily, asking to delete the link, Vo Ha Linh was scolding when he received a s.hock

Châu Anh14:52:58 08/07/2024
In the recent livestream session, both Hang Du Muc and Vo Ha Linh had trouble with the brand, making the 2 gods of war frustrated. More specifically, Vo Ha Linh also did something that made people gasp and be surprised.

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Hang Du Muc left home to avoid her husband, and the condition of her bruises made people feel sad

Uyển Đình11:32:14 24/06/2024
Currently, netizens are still closely monitoring developments about Hang Du Muc's marriage noise. After being contacted by her husband, she also frankly updated the status of her injuries. At the same time, many people discovered that the female YouTuber had moved out of the house.

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There was a huge clip of Hang Du Muc being "impacted" by her husband with her foot and falling over on the chair

Quỳnh Quỳnh07:19:29 22/06/2024
The drama between Hang Du Muc and her foreign husband has been the focus of media attention in recent days. Recently, people continued to discuss the clip of Hang Du Muc being hit by her husband using her foot.

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The first time Loi Con tried egg tarts, his "want to vomit" expression made Hang Du Muc cry

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:10:33 29/05/2024
In the vlogs on Quang Linh Vlogs' YouTube channel, Loi Con continuously becomes the center of attention with his one-of-a-kind food reviews. This b.oy's expressions made everyone laugh, even Quang Linh Vlogs called him a reviewing saint.

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Hang Du Muc directly accused Quang Linh Vlog of only performing on social networks, and the gift flowers were all returned

Gia Nhi14:29:39 24/05/2024
Female tiktoker Hang Du Muc just posted a post criticizing Quang Linh's Vlog after her younger brother dared to publicly r.eveal his beauty through a n.aked cam. She accused her close sister of being someone who only knew how to act on social networks, tricking her into picking her up at the airport, giving her flowers and then asking for...

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Hang Du Muc was miserably drowned by her "missing sister" Quang Linh, which didn't make up for Thuy Tien's beauty

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:36:11 23/05/2024
Both are famous people on social network TikTok. After having a livestream together, Quang Linh Vlogs and Hang Du Muc are getting more and more attention. The recent meeting of two sisters in Vietnam has attracted attention from netizens.

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