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Quang Hai's ex-girlfriend posted wedding photos, but the groom is not the guy who was engaged

Phi Đức17:27:15 24/11/2023
Recently, football player Quang Hai's ex-girlfriend - Nhat Le (nickname Lu, born in 1999) revealed her wedding photos. However, many observant viewers discovered that this guy was not the person who was engaged to her in 2022.

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'Boss' of the movie 'Saigon Commandos' Hai Nhat has a stroke, his health condition is worrying

Juni Nguyễn10:20:06 19/10/2023
The news that the boss of the Saigon Rangers, artist Hai Nhat, was admitted to the emergency room has made many colleagues worried. It is known that the male artist is actively undergoing treatment, sometimes in a coma and sometimes awake.

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Hai Nhat - Ba Can in Saigon Rangers: Hong Van is afraid to come close, U80 enjoys the countryside

Minh Lợi15:16:50 15/09/2023
Actor Hai Nhat played the villain Ba Can in Saigon Commandos extremely well and made others think he was always fierce. However, when meeting him, everyone commented that Hai Nhat was an approachable and gentle person.

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Nhat Cuong: Calling his wife a friend, haven't been married for 20 years, went to the US in the basement, ate instant noodles to keep his wife and children warm

Hoàng Phúc15:38:37 12/09/2022
Nhat Cuong is a famous Southern comedian with more than 30 years of doing art. In addition to comedy, he also writes scripts, directs the stage.... He is dedicated to his roles, but he chooses to live a private life, rarely appearing in the media. Nhat Cuong was born in 1965...

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Ken Watabe - Comedian having an affair with 182 people still says he loves his wife the most, it's not unfair to lose his career

Hoàng Phúc11:01:34 18/04/2022
After "cuckolding" his wife, went to bed with 182 people from adult film actors, singers to athletes, office workers ... famous Japanese comedian Ken Watabe tasted bitter fruit when he was kicked out. out of showbiz, have to make a living at the fish market. Ken Watabe was born...

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Nhat Cuong reveals life in the US with his wife, always wants to return to Vietnam

Hậu Hậu09:19:28 25/08/2021
Nhat Cuong is one of the most expensive comedians in Vietnam. Currently living in the US, Nhat Cuong spends his time exercising, helping with household chores and occasionally going to shows to help him miss Vietnam. Recently, Nhat Cuong stayed in the US for a year because of...

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