Ha Ho spent a lot of m.oney to buy luxury clothes from Lisa, excitedly "pleasing" her c.hild

Bút MàuMay 30, 2024 at 06:54

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In recent days, Ho Ngoc Ha and her husband Kim Ly had a business trip to Rome, Italy to attend an event of the high-end jewelry brand Bvlgari.

Here, the female singer continuously caused a media "explosion" when appearing with her gorgeous, beautiful image and excellent interaction with "international senior" Thu Ky.

Ha Ho spent a lot of m.oney to buy luxury clothes from Lisa, excitedly pleasing her c.hild - Photo 1

At the end of the event, Ho Ngoc Ha made people admire her by spending 200 million to buy an item for herself. Specifically, the mother of three children posted a clip recording the moment of "unboxing" a limited edition watch from Bvlgari. In addition, the female singer also attached a status line "please help" her youngest sister BlackPink - Lisa in an extremely funny and cute way.

Ho Ngoc Ha shared: "Welcome to me the limited edition Lalisa, I bought it for you. Then I will give it to my Lisa, to take your soul hihi." Netizens expressed their delight at Ha Ho's extremely adorable "asking for help" performance. At the same time, I also admire and respect the female singer's willingness to spend. It is known that Lisa is also the family name of Ho Ngoc Ha's daughter. Some comments also expressed j.ealousy towards b.aby Lisa for receiving limited edition jewelry from a global idol.

Ha Ho spent a lot of m.oney to buy luxury clothes from Lisa, excitedly pleasing her c.hild - Photo 2

According to information from the company, the watch that Ho Ngoc Ha spent 200 million to buy belongs to the Bvlgari X Lisa Limited Edition line. This is a combination product between Lisa (BlackPink) and the Italian jewelry brand. The product was first launched at LVMH Watch Week 2024. Previously, Ho Ngoc Ha caused a stir when she officially joined the Bulgari brand as " Friend of the House".

Ha Ho spent a lot of m.oney to buy luxury clothes from Lisa, excitedly pleasing her c.hild - Photo 3

The jewelry brand representative commented that Ho Ngoc Ha always creates attraction thanks to her breakthrough, boldness, and leading trends. Besides talent, she is also a fashion icon, entertainment star and businesswoman. "Welcome Ho Ngoc Ha to the Bvlgari family as 'Friend of the House'. Hopefully this will be the first step and in the future, we will have a long-term relationship," the representative said.

Ha Ho spent a lot of m.oney to buy luxury clothes from Lisa, excitedly pleasing her c.hild - Photo 4

As for Ho Ngoc Ha, she also happily shared on her personal page: "I am honored to accompany famous global brands and grateful to be called by name and enjoy privileges. One full year of connecting and working." With Bvlgari, I have many memorable images. That is more than enough for my commitment to collaborating with this big brand."

The beauty said she was not too pressured to take on the new role, but on the contrary, she was excited to accompany the brand to many places and learn a series of interesting things. Over the past 20 years, in addition to her own projects, she has improved her knowledge every day so that she can confidently go anywhere and deal with any situation. With this move, the female singer is the first person in Vietnam to be recognized with this title of the company.

Ha Ho spent a lot of m.oney to buy luxury clothes from Lisa, excitedly pleasing her c.hild - Photo 5

At the age of 40, Ho Ngoc Ha has a stable personal career. She is one of the few artists with the most enduring and diverse career in showbiz. Her name always receives public attention and every move is sought after, attracting attention and discussion. What is admirable is that any field Ho Ngoc Ha has dabbled in has succeeded or left a certain mark, from modeling, singing to personal business.

Ha Ho spent a lot of m.oney to buy luxury clothes from Lisa, excitedly pleasing her c.hild - Photo 6

She also has a happy marriage after many ups and downs with her husband Kim Ly. The two registered their marriage in 2020 after the singer gave birth to twins Lisa and Leon. Previously, Ha Ho was hesitant to share about her personal life, but since she became acquainted with Kim Ly, she freely shows off her married life.

On social networks, the beauty often updates many emotional moments with her husband, or pictures of her and her husband having fun with their children. Kim Ly is extremely loving and pleasing to Ho Ngoc Ha from the smallest things.

Ha Ho spent a lot of m.oney to buy luxury clothes from Lisa, excitedly pleasing her c.hild - Photo 7

Thanks to Kim Ly's love, Ha Ho's personality and personality also completely changed compared to before. The female singer confided that in the past she was arrogant and careless in love. During a period when she falls in love, she often wants others to guess her own thoughts. Many ex-lovers broke up because they couldn't stand her stubbornness.

Ha Ho spent a lot of m.oney to buy luxury clothes from Lisa, excitedly pleasing her c.hild - Photo 8

However, when she met Kim Ly, she was conquered by his warmth. "Kim Ly is different. When we get into fights, I say 'Go away', he's still there, waiting for my anger to pass. He often calls me 'drama queen', because of the way I complicate everything. "You helped me realize that when you love, swallow your anger, don't challenge or make things difficult for each other," the beauty said.

Ha Ho spent a lot of m.oney to buy luxury clothes from Lisa, excitedly pleasing her c.hild - Photo 9

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