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Victoria Secret Angel - Bella Hadid is bone-thin from grim illness, anti regret for 1 thing

An Tư15:40:37 07/08/2023
Facing Lyme disease for 15 years, famous supermodel Bella Hadid constantly fell into depression and fatigue. Her b.ody also from here becomes nutritionally deficient - alarmingly bone-thin.

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Nha Phuong was thin and boneless in the middle of her second pregnancy, Truong Giang came to take care of her, the second time she cried her eyes red?

Xuân Xuân08:08:49 23/05/2023
Instead of keeping it a secret like when she was pregnant with her first c.hild, this time Nha Phuong was more comfortable when revealing information to the audience. However, recently, a new photo of Truong Giang's wife is attracting many people's attention because she is too...

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Ariana Grande is thin and boneless after marriage and the painful hidden corners that few people know?

Pipi14:59:57 15/04/2023
The incident of Ariana Grande revealing her thin b.ody, revealing her collarbone after a long time of "hiding" has shocked the public. Although she spoke out about the incident, the female singer still worried many people. In recent days, netizens are constantly talking about...

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Cao Ngan: Long legs are scorned for being thin, fearing that they will die, now they have changed dramatically?

Phương Nam16:09:55 24/03/2023
Once a popular female model of Vietnam's Next Top Model, Cao Ngan then went through a difficult time because she was ridiculed and ridiculed. Even before the attack of the fans, the female model thought that she would really die because she was too thin. A few years ago, Cao...

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Trieu Lo Tu lost too much weight, alarmingly skinny

Hoàng Anh07:44:16 27/06/2022
Through a normal camera, Trieu Lo Tu revealed a thin and boneless b.ody that worried many fans. As a person in the entertainment industry, anyone wants to appear with a really neat appearance in front of the public. Therefore, reducing mute is one of the effective methods to help...

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