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Fubao made Korean people nostalgic, unanimously petitioning to bring the "princess" back

Kim Lâm16:53:01 20/04/2024
Fubao is the first panda born in Korea in July 2020 by natural birth method by the pair Aibao and Lebao. Korean and Chinese scientists have worked to successfully breed pandas abroad.

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"Rumoured boyfriend" Fubao was bodyshamed by Knet, despite being named a French Prince

Phương Thảo09:04:09 13/04/2024
Recently, photos of Vien Mong - Fubao's potential boyfriend have been widely spread on forums. Because the poster intentionally chose photos of Vien Mong digging coal, this topic immediately caused controversy.

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Fubao: the little panda who created billions for the Samsung empire, bewildered on the first day of his hometown

Minh Ngọc16:45:51 04/04/2024
Pandabiz Fubao Peak has officially returned to his homeland under the regret of many Korean people. She used to be the No. 1 idol, earning billions for Samsung Group while working in the land of kimchi.

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Fubao Panda returns home to 'get married': thousands of people in rain stand crying

Vân Anh14:20:38 03/04/2024
So today (April 3), Liu Fubao has officially returned to his hometown of Sichuan to get married. To bid farewell to the princess, thousands of people lined up in the rain to say goodbye to Fubao for the last time, many unable to even hold back their tears.

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