Yang Mi and the "special" relationship with martial arts star Jackie Chan

An NhiSep 07, 2022 at 10:27

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Famous as a beauty with high EQ, Duong Mich has a very good relationship with many colleagues in the entertainment industry. She is also one of the few actresses who are loved by martial arts star Jackie Chan.

Few female stars can be as lucky as Duong Mich, right from her debut, the beauty has had the opportunity to collaborate with martial arts star Jackie Chan. This story started in 2003, a motorcycle brand spent nearly 500 thousand yuan (more than 1.7 billion VND today) to invite Jackie Chan to participate in vehicle advertising. However, Jackie Chan has a single request that is to be filmed with a beautiful young g.irl. At that time, Duong Mich's father brought her to apply.

Yang Mi and the "special" relationship with martial arts star Jackie Chan - Photo 1

Having just met King Kungfu, instead of being timid and closed-minded like many others, Yang Mi quickly greeted him: "Big Brother, it's nice to meet you. I'm your fan and love watching your movies."

At that time, Jackie Chan was almost 50 years old, so he was often called uncle by teenage girls. Therefore, when Duong Mich called her "big brother", he was very happy and quickly made a good impression on her. Immediately, Jackie Chan teased Yang Mi: "Your face is so small, if you put your nose on it, maybe your whole face can only see the nose, you can't see the way." Faced with the famous senior's teaser, the beauty born in 1986 immediately replied, "If that's the case, then you can be famous for having a star's nose."

Yang Mi and the "special" relationship with martial arts star Jackie Chan - Photo 2

Right after that, Jackie Chan burst into laughter. Because, the girls who applied before were all too shy, shy and uncomfortable when standing in front of Jackie Chan. Therefore, the martial arts star decided to choose Duong Mich to act in an advertisement with him. Not only that, after completing the advertisement, Jackie Chan also asked the director of the car company to give Duong Mich an additional 50,000 yuan (more than 170 million VND today). In addition, the actor is also willing to reduce his own remuneration as a bonus for his ex-wife Luu Khai Uy.

Currently, Duong Mich is already a leading star in the Chinese-language entertainment industry. However, Jackie Chan still respects, loves and favors juniors whenever he has the opportunity to meet. As proof, Duong Mich has won the "Best Action Actress" a.ward thanks to the action film Against the Time of Rescue, executive produced by Jackie Chan.

Yang Mi and the "special" relationship with martial arts star Jackie Chan - Photo 3

No wonder, people always praise Duong Mich as a person with high EQ in the entertainment world. Not only smart, the actress also has many responses and handles situations very skillfully. Therefore, Duong Mich is one of the female stars with the largest number of fans in Chinese showbiz. It can be seen that this is also a factor that helps Duong Mich maintain her position in Cbiz even though her private life is quite noisy.

Currently, Duong Mich is attracting attention with the historical project Ho Yeu Tieu Hong Nuong, she takes on the role of the female lead Do Son Hong Hong. Although this is a work that is expected to help the actress improve her reputation after the failure of Lady Hoc Chau, Ho Yeu Tieu Hong Nuong has repeatedly had bad luck.

Yang Mi and the "special" relationship with martial arts star Jackie Chan - Photo 4

The first is the scandal of Vien Bang Nghien's company, which was discovered to evade taxes with an amount of nearly 1 million yuan (about 3 billion dong). Even though she only played a supporting role, the actress was not guarded by the "court", but the sympathy of passersby for her seemed to have fallen to negative infinity, most people asked to change another actor.

According to some rumors online, Vien Bang Nghien's supporting role of Do Son Nha Nha will previously be assigned to Quach Hieu Dinh - the beautiful evil woman who once occupied the spotlight of Dilraba Dil in Ngu Giao Ky.

Yang Mi and the "special" relationship with martial arts star Jackie Chan - Photo 5

The next person in trouble was Duong Mich - the actor who took on the female lead role in Ho Yeu Tieu Hong Nuong. A few days ago, the little flower 85 suddenly had an accident on the set while recording for a variety show.

Duong Mich was injured in the eye and had to be hospitalized that day, but overall it was not too serious. An employee in the actress's crew has also confirmed that she will soon return to the crew as the producer said.

Yang Mi and the "special" relationship with martial arts star Jackie Chan - Photo 6

Not long after Yang Mi's incident, it was reported that a supporting actor in the group Ho Yao Tieu Hong Nuong was also injured, but the reason behind has not been revealed by this person.

In the face of chaos and trouble, from the main actor to the supporting actor, making netizens extremely confused, many people are confused as to why the film crew is so "extraordinary", is it related? to some mysterious "spiritual" problem.

Yang Mi and the "special" relationship with martial arts star Jackie Chan - Photo 7

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