Reigning MGI made fans "heartbroken" with a honey-sweet love story with her boyfriend

Thiên DiApr 02, 2024 at 17:15

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After Luciana Fusterg was crowned Miss Peace in Vietnam, information and personal life of the new Miss Peace were constantly interested in the audience. Recently, the two made people "cringe" because of the sweetness of the "talented boys and girls" couple.

Recently, Luciana Fuster (24) the reigning Miss Grand International 2023 (Miss Grand International) suddenly became the focus of public opinion when she shared a video of herself with her boyfriend and dancing to a music on TikTok.

The video quickly garnered over a hundred thousand views and thousands of comments from the audience, the vast majority of comments praised the two for their cuteness and beauty.

Reigning MGI made fans heartbroken with a honey-sweet love story with her boyfriend - Photo 1

At Miss Grand International 2023, Luciana was judged to be the standout contestant from the beginning of the competition thanks to her sweet beauty and h.ot body. The beauty has experience as a model since the age of 14 and won the miss teen contest.

In the finale, the Peruvian representative received cheers from relatives, family and her boyfriend - model Patricio Parodi Costa. He was always near the stage to motivate his girlfriend. After the finale, he called his girlfriend "the queen", the most amazing and she deserved the number one in his heart.

Reigning MGI made fans heartbroken with a honey-sweet love story with her boyfriend - Photo 2

Luciana Fuster is a model and MC who has 4.7 million followers on social media. Her boyfriend, born in 1993, is also a popular model and streamer in Peru with 2.5 million followers.

The 30-year-old model regularly talks about training, staying in shape and traveling abroad. The couple has many million-view clips while cooking, dancing or traveling together.

Reigning MGI made fans heartbroken with a honey-sweet love story with her boyfriend - Photo 3

Reigning MGI made fans heartbroken with a honey-sweet love story with her boyfriend - Photo 4

The Peruvian beauty and her boyfriend are entertainers and had the chance to meet on the reality show "El Bunker". They co-hosted the show and fell in love. The couple officially confirmed their romance in early 2022, and celebrate 1 year together in January 2023.

Reigning MGI made fans heartbroken with a honey-sweet love story with her boyfriend - Photo 5

On the day of sending Luciana off to the airport to Vietnam, Patricio Parodi Costa said: "Honey, this day has finally come. He was happy but also nervous. Make an effort to fulfill your biggest dream in life. You've put in a lot of effort and I'm sure you can do it. The crown will belong to you."

When the Peruvian beauty came to Vietnam nearly 20 days in advance to prepare for the official competition day. Patricio Parodi shared in a livestream that he would put aside all work and prepare procedures for flying to Vietnam. Moreover, he accompanied his mother and wanted his girlfriend to have the most enthusiastic support from his family. This makes fans excited to witness more happy moments of the couple.

Reigning MGI made fans heartbroken with a honey-sweet love story with her boyfriend - Photo 6

Post-coronation, Luciana Fuster will spend 2 years operating and moving continuously abroad. Many questions surrounding the couple's relationship have been raised: Can this love affair continue? Will long-distance love and current location make you both more distanced? But the Peruvian beauty also responded frankly that it was a private relationship as well as the future, still looking forward to her boyfriend's support for her to pursue her dreams.

Reigning MGI made fans heartbroken with a honey-sweet love story with her boyfriend - Photo 7

During a trip to her homeland and media interaction late last year, Luciana Fusterg recalled her boyfriend with pride. She said: "Thank you for always understanding and supporting me in everything. I really appreciate the words of encouragement, the warm gesture you gave me."

At the present time, they share the same interest in traveling, exploring the culture of countries around the world. Patricio Parodi has visited famous tourist destinations of Vietnam such as Cu Chi tunnels, enjoying cuisine in Tien Giang, in 2023.

Reigning MGI made fans heartbroken with a honey-sweet love story with her boyfriend - Photo 8

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