Doan Di Bang prepares to have a fourth c.hild and speaks up about finding a son

Nguyễn KimMay 22, 2024 at 21:34

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Doan Di Bang surprised the online community when she posted a video recording her journey to find her fourth c.hild. At the same time, the female tycoon of District 7 also spoke up when she was f.orced to undergo IVF to give birth to a son.

Recently, on her personal page, female tycoon District 7 - Doan Di Bang attracted a lot of attention when she published a video of herself injecting eggs at home. Along with that, the female tycoon eagerly told her fans, "You guys wish me luck on this journey."

Doan Di Bang prepares to have a fourth c.hild and speaks up about finding a son - Photo 1

Although it doesn't explain too much, anyone watching the video will understand that Doan Di Bang and his husband Quoc Vu are preparing for the journey of getting pregnant with their 4th c.hild using in vitro fertilization. Currently, she is in the process of egg injection at home.

Many netizens simultaneously sent good wishes to Doan Di Bang, hoping for her success in the upcoming IVF process. Some also expressed wonder why Doan Di Bang is a Christian but could still do artificial insemination. Responding to this issue, she said that she had to go to church to confess and promised not to abandon any embryos during the embryo creation journey.

Doan Di Bang prepares to have a fourth c.hild and speaks up about finding a son - Photo 2

Doan Di Bang said that after publicizing her in vitro fertilization (IVF) practice, she received a lot of controversy from netizens. Many people believe that Doan Di Bang and his wife want to do IVF to have a son after having 3 daughters. Faced with many mixed opinions, Doan Di Bang decided to speak up.

Doan Di Bang said she had a miscarriage once and wanted that b.aby to return to her family. At the same time, because her health did not allow it, she could not get pregnant naturally, so she chose IVF to ensure safety.

Doan Di Bang prepares to have a fourth c.hild and speaks up about finding a son - Photo 3

"Actually, I once miscarried a b.aby. I really wanted that b.aby to come back to the family. I always prayed when I lost my little b.aby, if I had the chance, I wanted the b.aby to come back as my c.hild. So I Give yourself a chance to get pregnant again. That's the biggest reason I decided to do IVF. I have endometriosis, my eggs are almost gone, if I don't do IVF it will be difficult to get pregnant naturally" - Doan Di Bang shared.

After screening, Doan Di Bang only had 2 embryos. That's why she said the couple did not do gender screening. Regardless of the gender of these two embryos, they will be transferred without distinction. Doan Di Bang wants these two embryos to be 1 b.oy and 1 g.irl. She herself wants to have 4 daughters to "stand beautiful in the team" and 1 son to "have enough routines", and then have the feeling of being a mother-in-law like other people.

Doan Di Bang prepares to have a fourth c.hild and speaks up about finding a son - Photo 4

Regarding Quoc Vu's husband, Doan Di Bang shared that he does not distinguish between boys and girls. Her husband advised Doan Di Bang not to have more children because it would affect her health. However, when he knew his wife's wishes, he agreed and took her for a general check-up before proceeding with IVF.

Currently, Doan Di Bang is still going through many stages, so she wants everything to come happily, whether it's a b.oy or a g.irl, it's fate. "Since you're a parent, be fair. People should stop attacking me, what's the point of saying those words?" - Doan Di Bang expressed.

Doan Di Bang prepares to have a fourth c.hild and speaks up about finding a son - Photo 5

Doan Di Bang and his businessman husband Quoc Vu have three beautiful daughters, Hana, Yuki and b.aby Bing Bing. Not long after giving birth to b.aby Bing Bing, the female singer made the audience feel sad when she said she had "miscarried" her fourth c.hild because the fetus had no heartbeat.

Doan Di Bang prepares to have a fourth c.hild and speaks up about finding a son - Photo 6

After this incident, the businessman also sent good words to his wife as she prepares to welcome another c.hild. He emotionally shared: "I love my wife very much. I told her I wouldn't let her give birth anymore because of her health. But she was determined to regain her health and give birth to me again. Endometriosis, egg count was very low, I had a miscarriage and an abortion, which caused the uterine wall to thin. Is there any chance this time, everyone? But she said let me try, no matter what the result is, I promise you won't be sad Wish her and me good luck...".

Doan Di Bang prepares to have a fourth c.hild and speaks up about finding a son - Photo 7

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