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Phuong Thanh publicly announced that she has an Indian husband, her daughter had an unexpected reaction!

Thảo Mai17:03:06 10/04/2024
Recently, at the press conference to introduce the next live concert in her music career, Phuong Thanh made the audience go from one surprise to another when announcing the news that she had an Indian husband.

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Phuong Thanh is rumored to go to the theater to "serve" the gangster boss Nam Cam

Rosé11:21:31 23/07/2022
Under the comment section, the voice of "Once upon a time" shared: "They mean to turn Chanh into a gangster, then slowly lose his image, understand everyone." Not long ago, Phuong Thanh had the opportunity to make the public curious because her 20-year-old boyfriend appeared...

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Phuong Thanh and Doan Chi Kien appeared for the first time after making ridiculous jokes and holding hands at the event

Minh Hà15:15:58 22/06/2022
This is the first time Phuong Thanh and Doan Chi Kien appear together in front of the media at a big event. The singer wore a long dress embroidered with dragon motifs, matching the "rumored lover" on the red carpet of the semi-finals of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 last night on...

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Phuong Thanh responded to rumors of being arrested urgently at his home: "Don't lead public opinion with dirty news anymore"

Minh Hà10:08:11 08/06/2022
Recently, Phuong Thanh has been constantly entangled in the market, becoming a topic of public discussion. Recently, the entangled female singer was arrested at her home, before this information, the voice of the "Empty" singer responded angrily. Recently (June 8), Phuong Thanh...

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Phuong Thanh and "art lovers"

Hoàng Phúc14:59:49 06/06/2022
Famous for being a strong and straightforward female singer, but in love affairs, Phuong Thanh is quite secretive. In addition to her daughter's biological father, Phuong Thanh has 3 men whom she considers "stage lovers". Minh Thuan In addition to Lam Truong, the late artist...

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Phuong Thanh was accused of "physical impact" by Ho Quynh Huong, the market was surrounded by a love scandal

Nam Phương10:49:21 06/06/2022
In the midst of a storm of drama, singer Phuong Thanh was exposed by an old friend who used to beat Ho Quynh Huong and Nhu Y backstage. This is also not the first time the "Drum Void" singer has been caught up in rumors of using v.iolence against colleagues. After many years of...

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Phuong Thanh, Dong Nhi and Vietnamese stars have "negative points" when speaking and explaining

Hoàng Anh09:42:52 05/06/2022
As a celebrity who has a great influence on fans, of course, every sentence must be carefully considered. But artists are not always sober enough to control all their statements and emotions when facing the public's questions. Netizens have recently had harsh reactions when...

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Hoang Nguyen Vu "slaps" Phuong Thanh: "All day practicing, doing charity work, but still angry, blaming people"

Rosé13:50:07 04/06/2022
"I don't say who it is, but like you, all day I practice and then do charity work, but I still get angry, blame everything on people, all the life, I think it's not good at all. There's nothing in the world. This is without a reason, but no reason is as important as getting...

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Journalist Han Ni scolded Phuong Thanh: "When there is not enough talent, people use tricks"

Rosé10:47:00 04/06/2022
Accordingly, journalist Han Ni does not accept that an artist makes a joke from the audience, and at the same time, the female journalist also wants fans to choose the right and wise information on social networks. Phuong Thanh's assertion that Doan Chi Kien is just a lover in...

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Phuong Thanh and 4 lovers never married in life

Hoàng Anh14:50:08 02/06/2022
Phuong Thanh is famous as a singer with a strong personality, liberal in music, she also often shares personal status with fans, but in love story Phuong Thanh is "closed like a bag". . 1. Dang Ngoc Cuong At the end of 2016, Phuong Thanh first revealed her daughter's photo to...

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Phuong Thanh insists that he will "beat" Doan Chi Kien if he really has a wife and children and is a concubine

Nắng10:30:16 02/06/2022
Although it is just a rumor and there is no real information, the images of Doan Chi Kien immediately "storm" social networks. This topic became a h.ot topic of discussion in associations, groups... This time, the information that female singer Phuong Thanh announced her...

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Phuong Thanh's young love was released a set of happy photos with his wife and children?

Nắng14:07:33 01/06/2022
Recently, the information "singer Phuong Thanh has a boyfriend 20 years younger" has attracted the attention of the public. The man mentioned is Doan Chi Kien, born in 1993, 1.8m tall, born in Nam Dinh, now living in Ho Chi Minh City. He is the founder of a fashion brand...

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Phuong Thanh's young love is cold and indifferent to the female singer: It's not like being in love!

Nắng09:43:41 31/05/2022
The pilot's attitude to the 20-year-old female singer Phuong Thanh caused people to argue fiercely and doubt the couple's relationship: "Men are too indifferent, Chanh is too passionate". After a day revealing the identity of her younger lover Doan Chi Kien to fans, singer...

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Phuong Thanh - young love was criticized 'like mother and daughter', both quickly changed to 'dizzy'

Nắng06:51:06 31/05/2022
Immediately after Phuong Thanh publicly announced her happiness with her young love, many fans sent their blessings to the singer, but there were also many disparaging comments "looking like mother and daughter". Phuong Thanh was born in 1973, currently a single mother. She is...

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Phuong Thanh - Chi Kien, Le Quyen - Lam Bao Chau and Vbiz's decades-old sister relationships

Hoàng Phúc19:02:22 30/05/2022
Recently, female singer Phuong Thanh made her lover 14 years younger to the public. Before her, Vietnamese showbiz also witnessed many popular sister-child relationships, which were interested and discussed by many audiences. Phuong Thanh and Chi Kien The recent wave of public...

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