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Tan Van Lai: Perfect copy of Dang Luan, has a close relationship with Trieu Le Dinh

Bảo Nam19:33:35 11/03/2024
Before being assassinated, Dang Luan was one of the famous male gods of Cbiz. Not only does he have a handsome appearance, he also has good acting and a friendly personality.

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Deng Luan rarely showed up to his friends after being locked down, the current situation caught attention?

Anh Thụy14:58:08 01/12/2023
Since his lockdown, Deng Luan has withdrawn from the Chinese entertainment industry and remained silent. Recently, social media spread a rare moment of Deng Luan h.anging out with friends, the current situation caught attention.

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Dang Luan was f.orced by the court to coerce his property after more than a year of tax evasion scandal, the "end day" has really come

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:44:28 08/07/2023
After being involved in a noisy tax evasion in March 2022, Dang Luan was not only locked up indefinitely, losing his place in showbiz, but the actor also had to pay $ 47.2 million in compensation for breach of contract.

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Dang Luan publicly had a c.hild, revealing the identity of the b.aby's mother, people were sorry for one thing?

Thảo Mai10:59:42 20/05/2023
After more than a year of being "sealed" underground because of a tax evasion scandal, Dang Luan's current life makes many fans curious. Recently, the image of actor Huong Honey appearing at a friend's wedding attracted the attention of the public. Specifically, in the image...

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Dang Luan was removed from the blockade order, received great good news on his return to Cbiz, fans called Trieu Vy's name?

Thảo Mai14:15:01 29/03/2023
Dang Luan used to be one of the very promising male stars of Cbiz. He doesn't have an outstanding appearance, but he has a solid acting that has been recognized through a series of films. However, when he was on the rise, Dang Luan was suddenly caught in a tax evasion scandal...

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Dang Luan got married, officially left showbiz, let go of the glory after the tax evasion scandal?

Hoàng Phúc10:39:49 22/09/2022
Recently, Chinese netizens are buzzing with information that actor Dang Luan is about to get married after being locked away for tax evasion. It is known that the male idol's future wife is not active in the entertainment industry and is the same age as Dang Luan. Currently, the...

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Dang Luan appeared after tax evasion scandal, no longer raising hopes of returning to Chinese showbiz

Minh Hà10:59:18 15/09/2022
The actor had to leave the entertainment industry after a tax evasion scandal. Now he has stabilized his life, switched to business to have more income. Many fans believe that Dang Luan chooses to live a private life, hardly having the opportunity to return to showbiz. Dang Luan...

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Dang Luan, Pham Bang Bang and Trinh Sang - 3 Cbiz stars pay huge amounts of m.oney for tax evasion: Who is more miserable?

Hoàng Phúc10:52:30 17/03/2022
Involved in a tax evasion case, Dang Luan and many Chinese stars almost ran out of ways to return to showbiz. As the most sought-after faces in the Chinese entertainment industry, Dang Luan, Pham Bang Bang, Trinh Sang surprised fans when they were exposed to tax evasion. Dang...

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Dang Luan: The male god "falls off the horse" because of tax evasion, stings and harms his ex-girlfriend, the image is different from the screen

Hoàng Phúc09:28:41 17/03/2022
Dang Luan's past was suddenly "digged" by the people after the scandal was fined hundreds of billions for tax evasion. In the past few days, Dang Luan is the hottest name on social media in China, causing netizens to "stand still" because of the tax evasion scandal. Owning a...

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