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Bright Vachirawit is rumored to be having an affair despite having a girlfriend and using banned substances. What does the management company say?

Thảo Mai11:43:06 15/09/2023
On September 14, social networks were in a stir when a news site in Thailand suddenly posted rumors about a famous actor, possessing a handsome appearance and being influential after appearing in the movie. B.oy Love movie series.

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Bright Vachirawit: The male god of dating Baifern, famous for his passionate but homophobic role?

N.P15:46:26 07/10/2022
Dubbed a Thai male god with a "looks like charm" appearance, but at the peak of his career, Bright Vachirawit suddenly dropped without stopping, being boycotted throughout Asia because of many concussion scandals. struck. Bright Vachirawit is one of the most expensive actors in...

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