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Shark Binh's daughter clearly shows her attitude to her mother after so much noise: Her confession makes many people's hearts hurt

Nắng17:17:54 29/09/2022
Recently, on her personal page, businessman Dao Lan Huong - wife of Shark Binh posted her daughter's confession lines to her mother, making her heartbroken. Specifically, the c.hild wrote: "Mother is the most wonderful person in the world, no one can replace the position of a...

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Shark Binh's wife revealed evidence of attachment, Phuong Oanh implied 'black and white': Is there a mystery behind?

Nắng09:08:01 31/08/2022
In recent days, social networks have been buzzing about the marriage of businessman Dao Lan Huong and her husband Shark Binh. In the latest development, the businesswoman invited a lawyer to work and confirmed that she has not divorced her husband. It is completely wrong that...

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HOT: Shark Binh's wife - businessman Dao Lan Huong divested from NextTech 2 years ago

Jennie10:23:10 27/08/2022
Few people know that Shark Binh's wife was also a "face-to-face" warrior in the early start-up village. The name of businessman Dao Lan Huong is not inferior to her husband on business forums. Recently, the social network spread the image of businessman Nguyen Hoa Binh (Shark...

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Admiring the love and m.oney of "Shark Binh": Knowing his wife from a student, having a scandal when he was only 25 years old

Jennie16:00:40 26/08/2022
Big trees catch the wind. To become a successful and famous businessman, Shark Binh also often faces many scandals. Especially, after participating in the TV show Shark Tank Vietnam Over 20 years of fighting and rolling on the market, NextTech's boss understands that the thing...

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