Dang Van Lam revealed photos with Yen Xuan, his girlfriend's beauty was once criticized as "ugly as fuck" shocking

Yang MiNov 08, 2023 at 14:35

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In the Vietnamese football world, the love story of goalkeeper Van Lam and Yen Xuan is of interest to many people. Recently, netizens spread the image of Lam Tay taking his girlfriend to visit Ho Tan Tai's house.

Including a group of famous players, they gathered together before joining the Vietnam national team. Yen Xuan's beauty was secretly photographed but is quite pretty.

Dang Van Lam revealed photos with Yen Xuan, his girlfriends beauty was once criticized as ugly as f.uck shocking - Photo 1

Previously, Yen Xuan spoke up when she was criticized for her beauty: "So ugly, such an ugly mouth?, her face is like a motherfucker".

Dang Van Lam revealed photos with Yen Xuan, his girlfriends beauty was once criticized as ugly as f.uck shocking - Photo 2

In response, she said: "Xuan would like to confirm that my face is not pretty. So let's not discuss the criticism. There is nothing to defend or argue about. God gives birth to each person with their own look, if you choose, then I'm also ten and a half.

However, what I want to talk about here is the person who intentionally sent me a message. In life, whether we like it or not, we will accidentally meet such people. What they want is failure, a sense of shame, and bad things happening to them. They just want to stomp on their heels.

So there is no other way! We must always try hard and a lot. Not for any man or any word! But for myself. We must cultivate ourselves to be stronger and more steadfast. You must deserve to have the happy life you dream of!".

Dang Van Lam revealed photos with Yen Xuan, his girlfriends beauty was once criticized as ugly as f.uck shocking - Photo 3

Van Lam has been rumored to be dating Yen Xuan since September 2018 after a series of photos of the couple traveling to the same location and background were spread on social networks. Based on other coincidental photos, fans are sure the two are dating.

Furthermore, Yen Xuan also often comes to the field to cheer on her boyfriend. After a year of dating rumors, the couple publicly appeared together when Van Lam went to Thailand to compete.

The female fitness trainer also regularly attends warm parties with the Russian-Vietnamese goalkeeper's family. At this time, the rumors were further verified.

Dang Van Lam revealed photos with Yen Xuan, his girlfriends beauty was once criticized as ugly as f.uck shocking - Photo 4

The two have had a long-distance relationship many times because Van Lam played abroad. Therefore, they often travel together when the male goalkeeper has a vacation schedule. Yen Xuan was also discovered visiting her boyfriend's family in Russia.

Falling in love with a player who regularly plays abroad, Yen Xuan is nicknamed "strong girl" by the media. She is a solid backstop so Van Lam can play with peace of mind.

The Covid-19 pandemic is also a memorable part of their 5-year love story. At that time, Van Lam played for Muangthong United (club) of Thailand. Because she wanted to meet her boyfriend, Yen Xuan tried to check in for a flight as soon as Thailand opened to welcome tourists. Despite the high cost and having to be quarantined, she accepted it.

Dang Van Lam revealed photos with Yen Xuan, his girlfriends beauty was once criticized as ugly as f.uck shocking - Photo 5

When asked by a fan, "Do you ever want to stop?", Yen Xuan quickly answered briefly: "Never". She understands her boyfriend's difficult job and turns herself into his partner's motivation, instead of bringing trouble.

With their own careers, Yen Xuan - Van Lam can rely on each other's reputation to develop further. But both of them did not choose this way. Van Lam still focuses on the world of digital shorts, while Yen Xuan hone her skills to develop her job as a coach.

Dang Van Lam revealed photos with Yen Xuan, his girlfriends beauty was once criticized as ugly as f.uck shocking - Photo 6

Despite building an invisible wall on social networks, fans can still recognize the couple's bond in real life. Those are photos updated by Van Lam's sister - Thanh Giang. Yen Xuan and Thanh Giang are considered as close as two sisters.

During this year's Lunar New Year, Van Lam's family returned to the country. Yen Xuan went out with and enjoyed happy time with her boyfriend's family.

Thanh Giang once posted a photo of her family and Yen Xuan with the status line "my family". This is proof that Yen Xuan has long been considered a member of the Van Lam family.

Dang Van Lam revealed photos with Yen Xuan, his girlfriends beauty was once criticized as ugly as f.uck shocking - Photo 7

When Van Lam decided to join a domestic club, the couple gradually opened up about their relationship. They are no longer afraid to take photos together on the field after each match. On important occasions, both also r.eveal a little about the other half, even though they don't show their faces clearly.

Witnessing Yen Xuan's increasingly close relationship with her boyfriend's family, fans expect the two to soon hold a wedding.

Dang Van Lam revealed photos with Yen Xuan, his girlfriends beauty was once criticized as ugly as f.uck shocking - Photo 8

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