Zhou Xiaohan was confessed by his son: officially "take off his shirt" with Cuong Tay?

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The love story of the popular Tiktoker couple - Zhou Xiaohan and Liang Mengqiang once made many people admire. However, in early June this year, the two suddenly announced their "separation" because of their disagreement, causing fans to regret it.

Recently, on his personal TikTok page, Zhou Xiaohan posted a clip - expressing his enjoyment when confessing his love on the phone, along with the status "Oh boy". The clip quickly received the attention of netizens.

Zhou Xiaohan was confessed by his son: officially take off his shirt with Cuong Tay? - Photo 1

Specifically, in the clip, a guy with a Hanoi accent tells her: "I like you." After hearing the other party's confession, Zhou Xiaohan asked again, "What?" At this time, the b.oy continued to re-emphasize the last sentence - "I like you" - causing the female TikToker to laugh very brightly.

After watching the clip, many netizens sent their congratulations to the female TikToker for thinking that she had found her "other half", but others said that this could be an entertaining clip. It is known that after breaking up with Liang Mengqiang, Xiao Han has not once revealed his love status.

Not long ago, Zhou Xiaohan posted a picture with his idol - singer Grey D, accompanied by the status: " I love you so much, the man of convergence elite." Just a few minutes later, a big Fp reshared this image with the title: " Just broke up for 1 month, Zhou Xiaohan has publicly announced his super handsome new lover, the two were born as if for each other". This inadvertently misled the audience, and the Grey D fan community was also extremely frustrated.

Zhou Xiaohan was confessed by his son: officially take off his shirt with Cuong Tay? - Photo 2

On the evening of July 7, Zhou Xiaohan officially explained the photo. She wrote: " This is a photo I took with singer Grey D at the prom of a high school. I'm a fan of him and I would like to take a picture with him, not someone who loves me. I just want to swing idols like everyone else, hope people don't misunderstand."

Zhou Xiaohan was confessed by his son: officially take off his shirt with Cuong Tay? - Photo 3

Liang Mengqiang and Zhou Xiaohan are a TikToker couple known to the audience for their "uncle" love. Since going public with their romance, the couple has built a TikTok channel with more than 1.8 million followers, and the YouTube channel has reached 344K subscribers so far.

In early June, Cuong and Han officially announced their "separation" after 4 years together. Meng Cuong said the two sat down to talk, making a decision to spend their lives together separately. The TikToker also added: "Post-breakup he was very sad and constantly fell into a state of stress. He affirmed that if the two still have a relationship, they will still come back in the future.

Zhou Xiaohan was confessed by his son: officially take off his shirt with Cuong Tay? - Photo 4

Meng Cuong said, " If you both have new people, I hope everyone will accept them gently. The end of the love affair is sad but let's give each other a chance."

Zhou Xiaohan (real name Zhou Fang Thao, SN 2001) and Liang Mengqiang (nicknamed Cuong Tay, SN 1999) fell in love with each other during a film casting. The reason netizens call Cuong and Han's love story "uncle" is because in most of the clips posted, Zhou Xiaohan often used to call her boyfriend uncle.

However, from mid-March to early June, Zhou Xiaohan and Liang Mengqiang had emotional problems, gradually unable to find common ground. In the end, they decided to "go their separate ways" that fans regretted.

Zhou Xiaohan was confessed by his son: officially take off his shirt with Cuong Tay? - Photo 5

Becoming a "masterless flower", not long ago, Zhou Xiaohan suddenly received a message from a strange man. According to the content of the message, this person said that he is ready to spend $ 38 thousand (about VND 800 million) if the female TikToker agrees to travel and hotel for 1 week with the man in October.

Zhou Xiaohan was confessed by his son: officially take off his shirt with Cuong Tay? - Photo 6

Faced with the invitation to "go on tour" at an attractive price but no less "ironic", Zhou Xiaohan immediately made a move to post on his personal page, accordingly, Zhou Xiaohan "asked for help" to netizens: "Who goes for me, I am busy watching my children at home."

It is known that after the breakup, Zhou Xiaohan continued his work as a content creator on TikTok. The idol also gradually changed her style, escaping the label of "good girl" to wear s.exy outfits that attract the eye.

Zhou Xiaohan was confessed by his son: officially take off his shirt with Cuong Tay? - Photo 7

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