CEO HannahOlala donated 1 million USD to UNICEF on her 40th birthday

Mẫn NhiMay 17, 2024 at 13:28

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Beautiful female CEO HannahOlala recently did something extremely meaningful on the occasion of her 40th birthday, which was donating 1 million USD to UNICEF.

Recently, CEO Hannah Nguyen - also known as HannahOlala - officially became a member of the Global Donor Council of UNICEF. This is a global community of 147 individual donors who share a commitment to improving the lives of children around the world. In the agreement between Hannah and UNICEF Vietnam, she transferred 10 billion VND to this fund and signed a commitment to donate a total of 25.3 billion VND (1 million USD).

CEO HannahOlala donated 1 million USD to UNICEF on her 40th birthday - Photo 1

Not only r.evealing the gift, HannahOlala also confided more about her personal story, specifically how she came from a difficult background but thanks to her parents' guidance, she has the life she has today. It is known that HannahOlala's parents have a total of 10 children, the female CEO is the youngest daughter. Currently, my grandparents are living in America, in a house with a garden filled with romantic flowers. Every year, Hannah spends time back in the US to visit her parents. Although my grandparents are old, they are very healthy, love life and are positive.

CEO HannahOlala donated 1 million USD to UNICEF on her 40th birthday - Photo 2

"Na was born into a farming family, Na's mother only studied up to 4th grade and Na's father only studied up to 12th grade. But, from a young age, my parents let us know that if we want to have a good life, Better yet, the fastest and easiest path is the path of education, as people call it 'The poor still let Teo go to school' Even though the family has many children and many difficulties, the parents still try Motivated Na's siblings to go to school and try to get into university. Thanks to that, one of Na's brothers also got a PhD from a top school in the US and is currently a professor at a top university in the US. ."

With this perspective, HannahOlala decided to do the above meaningful thing on the occasion of her 40th birthday.

CEO HannahOlala donated 1 million USD to UNICEF on her 40th birthday - Photo 3

"I want to deeply thank my family, friends and supportive followers for inspiring me in this journey of contributing to the development of society and personal development. In my role In this year, I have the opportunity to realize my desire to contribute to building a fair world, where children, especially girls, have enough opportunities to develop, learn, and reach their full potential. The partnership with UNICEF is very much in line with my desire for a just world for girls to thrive and reach their full potential. I aim to lead by example, calling on those who have already gone join me in my career and everyone who has a love for children and a desire to make a change. Together, let's light a movement that transforms children's lives for the better, inspires and create a bright future for the next generation," HannahOlala shared.

CEO HannahOlala donated 1 million USD to UNICEF on her 40th birthday - Photo 4

She also said that for her, the most meaningful thing in life is that she can contribute to positive change in the surrounding society, her homeland, her loved ones, and someone else's life.

With this grant, HannahOlala wants to inspire everyone, her followers on social networks, and her friends to become a community, especially a community of beautiful women. civilized and compassionate, joining hands together to change and help future generations.

CEO HannahOlala donated 1 million USD to UNICEF on her 40th birthday - Photo 5

HannahOlala is an inspirational example of perseverance and pursuing passion for young people. She was born in 1984 in Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak province in a farming family with many children. Her mother only studied up to 4th grade and her father only studied up to 12th grade. But from a young age, her parents gave her siblings She knows that if she wants to have a better life, the fastest and easiest path is education.

CEO HannahOlala donated 1 million USD to UNICEF on her 40th birthday - Photo 6

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