BTS's live singing is broken, the complete opposite reaction of TWICE and MOMOLAND is controversial

Hoàng PhúcJan 11, 2022 at 10:32

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When fellow BTS members had trouble on stage, how did TWICE and MOMOLAND react?

BTS once had a special collaboration stage with Charlie Puth at MGA 2018 with 3 songs "See You Again", "We Don't Talk Anymore", and "Fake Love". This should have been the most impressive combination in the history of a.ward ceremonies, but an incident happened that made the Fake Love collaboration a "disaster". Recently, netizens dug up this video and compared the reactions of 2 g.irl groups: TWICE - MOMOLAND when watching BTS's stage.

BTS's live singing is broken, the complete opposite reaction of TWICE and MOMOLAND is controversial - Photo 1

Specifically, V and especially Jimin had "broken" handling phases and struggled with excessively high notes. Right now, MOMOLAND and 2 members Momo and Nayeon (TWICE) are watching the performance in the artist's row. It wouldn't be controversial if the attitudes of these two groups were completely different.

As soon as Charlie Puth appeared on stage, both MOMOLAND and TWICE could not hide their excitement, constantly cheering for the appearance of the song's owner We Dont Talk Anymore.

Until the incident happened, Jimin's voice was constantly broken, Momo and Nayeon kept a calm attitude below. In stark contrast, the MOMOLAND members laughed and talked constantly. It is impossible to completely say what MOMOLAND is talking about, but this action has been more or less controversial.

BTS's live singing is broken, the complete opposite reaction of TWICE and MOMOLAND is controversial - Photo 2

Right after that, when it was time to sing Charlie Puth, MOMOLAND changed their attitude, clapping and cheering for the male singer.

The cause of this problem came from the fact that the organizers mistakenly turned on the mix, which was raised 3 times higher than usual. Even BTS or Charlie Puth worked very hard to complete this stage.

It can be said that the success of BTS is exchanged for the boys' relentless efforts. On stage, BTS members always give their best despite all the incidents.

Remember in 2013, at the SBS Gayo Daejeon awards ceremony, BTS's "No More Dream" performance did not go well. While performing dangerous acrobatics over the dancers, Ji Min fell to the floor of the stage. Although the fall was not light, he immediately got up and continued to perform as if nothing happened.

BTS's live singing is broken, the complete opposite reaction of TWICE and MOMOLAND is controversial - Photo 3

Because of illness, Suga couldn't perform with the group, had to watch it on television. Before the sudden incident of his teammates, he had to immediately change the channel because he was too shocked. In a later interview, Ji Min said, "I was touched because Suga called me right after that. I kept dancing without even knowing I was injured."

On the show Music Bank on October 14, 2016, the youngest member of BTS performed B.lood, Sweat & Tears with his left hand b.leeding. Although he looked quite scary, Jungkook still showed nothing, performing extremely well on stage. The fans highly appreciated his professional spirit, cheering hard. The male idol was treated for his injury after going backstage.

During the Spring Day and Not Today promotions, V's health was said to be at an alarming level. Every time he made a move from the ground to stand up, he put his hands on his waist, his face more or less showing pain. In the clip performing Spring Day at the Seoul concert, V stood up with difficulty, late compared to his teammates. However, when asked by fans about his health, the BTS member confirmed that he was fine.

During a concert in Hong Kong, while performing Fire, Ji Min and J-Hope made the audience extremely worried because they unfortunately fell. The fall was quite heavy, causing Ji Min to be stunned and it took a few seconds to regain consciousness. However, he still performed his best with his teammates right after that.

Another time, while performing B.lood, Sweat & Tears, Jin held one of his ears, a rather painful expression. Many people believe that the cause is due to the artillery g.un. The firecracker was fired too close, causing a loud explosion, possibly a piece of artillery shell fell on Jin's ear, leading to this incident.

BTS's live singing is broken, the complete opposite reaction of TWICE and MOMOLAND is controversial - Photo 4

At the Asia Artist Awards 2016, during a performance, J-Hope's microphone transmitter fell off due to the choreography being too strong. The main dance member of BTS quickly held the microphone with his hand and managed to fix the microphone without making a single choreography error, receiving enthusiastic cheers from the audience.

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