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Leaking a clip of Lisa's family "touching" the billionaire prince after a meal, the idol's mother has an attention-grabbing reaction

Quỳnh Quỳnh07:19:07 05/10/2023
Social media is buzzing to share a clip of Lisa and her family having dinner with CEO Frédéric Arnault. Later, a relative of BLACKPINK's youngest brother had an interaction with the billionaire's son that caught attention.

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Lisa "stripped" her outfit and threw it at her rumored boyfriend during a striptease, the b.oy's parents expressed their attitude

An Nhi11:05:24 02/10/2023
Lisa's (BLACKPINK) blushing action towards her rumored boyfriend made many people present excited. It is known that the b.oy's mother was also present and attracted attention when she showed an unexpected expression towards the beauty of the Golden Temple.

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Jennie reluctantly came to watch Lisa's final performance, revealing her alarming health condition

Nguyễn Tuyết19:30:42 01/10/2023
In recent days, Lisa's (BLACKPINK) concert at C.razy Horse has always been a h.ot topic of special interest to the public. Recently, netizens were excited again because of Jennie's appearance at a nightclub.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) brings billionaire lover to her home country of Thailand to debut, dating on a luxury yacht?

Kim Lâm07:28:15 13/09/2023
The relationship between Lisa (BLACKPINK) and the billionaire's son has always been of special interest to the online community. Following the suspicion that the Thai beauty had launched her boyfriend's family earlier, recently, the two are said to have returned to Thailand to meet Lisa's parents.

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Lisa was told to love blindly, let her billionaire boyfriend teach her badly: Arguing with her parents, dressing more and more ridiculously, offensive?

Minh Lợi12:33:58 03/09/2023
Lisa has undergone several changes in her hairstyle and personal style. She confidently showed off her hairstyle with no bangs, and she later posted a photo of her bathing suit after dating rumors with the billionaire's son.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) "oddly" went to dinner in the West, had an unexpected attitude when caught by the media

Kim Lâm07:30:18 29/08/2023
Unlike the gorgeous, luxurious image when standing on stage or going to events, Lisa is extremely rustic when caught having dinner in the West. Despite being a female idol with global popularity, fans still see Lisa wearing slippers and simple clothes when walking down the street.

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) achieved a "huge" achievement: trillion income - surpassing Kylian Mbappé, David Beckham

Hàn Di07:34:08 25/08/2023
Recently, the popular Korean group - Blackpink has always received great attention from audiences around the world. Recently, the youngest brother of the group - Lisa stunned as the only K-pop idol - appeared in the list of top 100 global celebrities.

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Portrait of the CEO in question dating Lisa (Blackpink), the son of the richest billionaire in the world

Nguyễn Kim10:59:06 20/08/2023
Frédéric Arnault is known as one of the strong candidates for the position of successor to luxury fashion group Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH). Recently, his name was also mentioned along with dating rumors with Lisa (BLACKPINK).

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Lisa (BLACKPINK) reveals "indisputable" dating evidence, billionaire family attitude makes headlines

Hàn Di07:31:36 15/08/2023
During the past 1 week, the public has been constantly aroused by the dating evidence of Lisa (Blackpink) and businessman Frédéric Arnault - son of the second richest billionaire in the world - Bernard Arnault.

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Lisa (Blackpink) was scrutinized for "neglecting" the group, carefree with the billionaire's son in Europe

Ngọc Sa07:58:29 12/08/2023
The popular group - Blackpink held 2 nights of Born Pink concert at My Dinh Stadium (Hanoi), on July 29 and 30. The event was a success with impressive performances from 4 girls and more than 60 thousand spectators.

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Lisa changed her taste in "piloting", making the sisters jealous because she was able to "catch" the billionaire's son, and was exposed to strange details by the fans?

Minh Lợi13:32:38 10/07/2023
On the afternoon of July 9, the social network suddenly spread an image believed to be Lisa meeting an unknown man in Paris, France. Notably, the BLACKPINK puzzle piece also lovingly rests its head and shoulders.

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