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A look back at David and Victoria Beckham's 24 billion wedding: Made in castles, wedding dresses across the Atlantic

Quỳnh Quỳnh14:33:36 09/10/2023
After more than 2 decades, David and Victoria Beckham's wedding is still one of the legends of extravagance and splendor among Hollywood stars. Up to now, the public still can't help but rub whenever it comes to this super wedding.

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Cruz Beckham - David Beckham's son is a professional singer, Brooklyn is criticized for being incompetent

An Nhi10:57:00 07/10/2022
Out of four children, currently only Cruz Beckham pursues her mother's singing career. Accordingly, the b.oy is expected to make a story in the future and be as famous as Victoria Beckham. According to the Daily Mail, Cruz Beckham - the third c.hild of the former British player -...

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