B Ray gets bitter end after "sensational" song, which tells someone to die in bed

Mộc TràJan 05, 2024 at 10:00

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Recently, during the annual press conference at the Ho Chi Minh City Press Center. HCMC, representative of HCMC Department of Culture and Sports HCM has spoken out about the incident of rapper B Ray with a controversial performance, containing objectionable elements.

B Ray gets bitter end after sensational song, which tells someone to die in bed - Photo 1
Accordingly, on January 3, the Department of Culture and Sports had a meeting with B Ray (Tran Thien Thanh Bao) and the representative company. Through the exchange, Bray acknowledged his wrongdoing and moved to remove performances on digital platforms.

Representatives of the Department have also asked the organizer, management unit as well as rapper B Ray to have a detailed report on the progress of the night performance on 19/12 as well as the production process of the product.

" After receiving reports from relevant units and individuals as well as the information collected and proven, the Department of Culture and Sports shall, based on its competence, coordinate with relevant functional units depending on the seriousness of violations to take measures to handle", the text states.

B Ray gets bitter end after sensational song, which tells someone to die in bed - Photo 2

Earlier, the rap song "To wean" was performed by B Ray on the minishow stage on the evening of 19/12 in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM along with rapper Young H. VH&TT Department said the song was not included in the department's written approval to perform on the show.

The song is written in the genre of rap diss (lyrics that attack or mock others). The video of this performance was also reposted by the singer's crew on YouTube.

The performance achieved a high number of views but quickly became controversial. Some listeners thought the rap lyrics lacked subtlety, offensive content related to "ex-lovers".

Specifically, the lyrics read: "I hope every time you climb the stairs, your leg misses. May you pass away peacefully in your bed. And waking up is in hell. I hope the worst days come to you every time the sky is clear."

In addition, the rap has some unhealthy lyrics. Many people worry that the work will adversely affect listeners, especially the younger generation.

B Ray's real name is Tran Thien Thanh Bao (born 1993). It is known that when he was young, B Ray decided to drop out of school to be a doctor and later turned to rap. At that time, his music was unique to American rappers. After a while, the rapper decided to pursue music in the most serious way and returned to Vietnam. Initially, his rap songs were not well received. However, since turning to rapping in his mother tongue and reconciling many other elements, he has gradually received a lot of attention from people.

B Ray gets bitter end after sensational song, which tells someone to die in bed - Photo 3

At the age of 13, B Ray started rapping and was dubbed a storytelling master. He possesses extremely top-notch wordplay and an impressive voice that easily enters people's hearts. At the same time, B Ray is also known for his intense diss raps. Now, he also limits the genre and regularly produces other hits.

B Ray gets bitter end after sensational song, which tells someone to die in bed - Photo 4

B Ray gets bitter end after sensational song, which tells someone to die in bed - Photo 5

During his time of activity, B Ray has gradually made his mark as well as found a place for his name with hits from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of views. Typically, songs featuring Amee such as Ex's Hate Me, Black Rock Without Sugar, Where Are You Home. Or also Little Secret, B.aby Son, Please Don't Pick Up, Hangover. The rapper was also nominated for Music Video of the Year for the Dedication Awards. According to Masew, B Ray is talented. He also knows how to promote through his songwriting mindset, colorful style.

B Ray gets bitter end after sensational song, which tells someone to die in bed - Photo 6

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