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Rihanna gives birth to boyfriend ASAP Rocky's second c.hild, happy enough

Bình Minh19:12:12 11/08/2023
Media reported that singer-billionaire Rihanna gave birth to her boyfriend ASAP Rocky's second b.aby angel. This news made fans and friends of the singer extremely excited, happy to send her mother wishes.

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Rihanna and ASAP Rocky appeared with worried expressions for the first time after being arrested by the police

An Nhi16:50:03 25/04/2022
Many people cannot help but worry about female singer Rihanna because she is in the process of being pregnant. Recently, the popular male rapper ASAP Rocky was urgently arrested for allegedly s.hooting people in Hollywood in November 2021. It is known that the Los Angeles police...

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How did Rihanna react when her rapper boyfriend was arrested and faced 14 years in prison?

An Nhi11:34:00 22/04/2022
Currently, female singer Rihanna is pregnant, so fans are worried that she will be psychologically affected. Recently, many people were surprised by the news that the popular male rapper ASAP Rocky was urgently arrested for allegedly s.hooting people in Hollywood last November...

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ASAP Rocky is arrested for s.hooting a person while on vacation with Rihanna

Nắng08:08:54 21/04/2022
This person also recounted that, that day Rocky held a g.un and approached him and two other people on the street. According to breaking news from TMZ, police confirmed that they had urgently arrested male rapper ASAP Rocky for allegedly s.hooting and wounding 1 victim due to a...

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Rihanna broke up with rapper boyfriend because she was "cuckold" while pregnant, the identity of "tieu tam" was shocking

Rosé14:39:14 15/04/2022
This information is being discussed hotly on the forums. Earlier this year, a reporter captured Rihanna holding her boyfriend ASAP Rocky's hand, pulling off her bright pink jacket and officially showing off her pregnant belly. The owner of the hit song "Umbrella" took this...

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Rihanna - Extreme childhood, first love filled with v.iolence, U40 found true love after suffering

Hoàng Phúc13:28:29 17/02/2022
On the European and American music market, Rihanna is known as a contemporary icon of Pop music. She is the owner of the hit songs Umbrella, We found love, Diamonds, Take a bow, Love the way you lie, The Monster, Where have you been... With a strong personality, Rihanna is...

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Rihanna is pregnant with rapper boyfriend's first c.hild?

Hoàng Phúc11:46:50 01/12/2021
The unusually large 2nd round of the female singer makes many people question that she is pregnant with her first c.hild. As one of the hottest and most desired female stars, Rihanna has many difficulties in love. Therefore, the love story of female singer and rapper A$AP Rocky...

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